Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"May the Fourth Be With You"

So, did I ever tell you that the recessional at Dave's and my wedding was to the Imperial March ? You know Darth Vader's Theme Song...

Personally, I called it the "Death March" (that is a story for a different day though).

Nah... I don't think I have shared that before.

What about Dave's very Yoda-esque statement one evening when we decided to let a blood glucose of 220 "ride" without correction? Have I told you about that? I think I did during last year's Blog Week hosted by Karen at Bitter~Sweet (click here for details on this year's Blog Week, which starts next Monday, May 9th).

The quote...

"An A1C does not one high night make."

Deep, profound, and sleep allowing. We would not need to get up in 2 hours to recheck a bolused and potentially low Joe. Instead we got 4 hours of sleep to check a potentially even higher Joe, but it provided some much needed "sanity" and laughter in the moment.

Happy Star Wars Day!

No, I am not making this shit up. It is actually Star Wars Day. And. Believe it or not, I have even written a post about Star Wars and Diabetes...only me.

A Long Time Ago (like a year and a half ago)

In A House A Few Blocks Away (remember we have moved)

A Post Titled "Mom How Can I Win The Empire With You Checking Me"

Was Written by Yours Truly

And Then Rewritten Today

Weekend mornings are "hockey mornings" in the Maher home.

Joe has really shown an interest in this sport. He practices every Saturday and Sunday morning with the "Blue Crew." These practices have been a blood sugar buster. Not only is hockey an extremely physical sport, but practice times are rotated. Sometimes Joe eats breakfast before he goes to practice and sometimes he does not. As, I have mentioned time and time again Diabetes has an adulterous affair with "routine"... it loves it, it craves it, it wants it in the worst and most primal of ways.

I digress.


With the insulin on board from breakfast, Joe tends to go low even though many carb grams are given freely to boost him prior to practice.
Yesterday, I gave him a really low dose of insulin to cover his carbs for breakfast and he ran in the 300s and 400s during practice and after. So, when we got home I gave him a correction dose of insulin (only 1/2 the dose the pump recommended) to try to get his blood sugar (a 420) down.

A couple of hours later...

I go to check his number while he is playing Lego Star Wars on the X-box. He is using both hands on the X-Box controller. As I try to lance his finger, Joe emphatically states "Mom, I can't win the Empire with you checking me!"

A in-the-recesses-of-my-mind "for f*ck sake Joe" was muttered ... accompanied perhaps with a ever-so-slight eye roll, as a smile crossed my lips and face.

My response ... "Of course, Joe win the Empire" ..."just do it in a few minutes-OK?"

A couple of minutes later, Empire won and all, Joe did his blood sugar check. A 183 was obtained.

A day-in-the-life of recognizing that childhood trumps diabetes.


meanderings said...

Really - at the wedding! I'm still chuckling. Oh that my youngest could find a woman like you!
Oh well.

Holly said...

YOu are awesome-and he rocked the Empire! Imperial/Death march at the wedding? Classic. ; )

And I have it on my playlist...memories of childhood with my brother. : ) fun. we still verb-reverse as Yoda all the time: Dessert will not be yours without your dinner finished, a good-lookin' boy you'll be when soon you cut your hair, go to sleep you will. (so begin we can momma's fun)

Penny said...

I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about. Sorry to say I am not a star wars fan. Am I kicked out of the club? It all sounds fun, and I love that you marched down the aisle to a tune from star wars!

Rachael said...

That's the most awesome story ever! I LOVE the comment, "Mom I can't win the Empire with you checking me!"

Trev said...

Don't mess with a Jedi trying to woop the Empire, come-on MOM!!! Did you really March down to the Alter to that, cause if so you truely are way cool! Cheers

sky0138 said...

AHAHA Love it! Our kiddos are a lot alike it appears...the same thing happened once when I tried to check Emma while she was playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on XBox360...lolol "Mommy I can't do a barrel roll and beat this goal if you won't let me have ALL of my fingers!"

The DL said...

This made me so happy!! What a cool mom :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I keep trying to recall that tune but only Chariots of Fire plays in my head. I must not have been 'nuff of a Star Wars kid. Still, it's funny, even with the wrong tune playing!

Sarah said...

awww geee maw....I can hear Isaac already when he's Joe's age finding numerous ways to tell me to stop checking his BG, dosing insulin or asking him, "how do you feel?"
And I think it rocks that you guys walked down the blessed marriage aisle to that lovely tune, so...errrr...romantic?!
You rock lady, so a Happy Star Wars Day to you!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

But of course you would exit your wedding with something like that! Hilarious!
I totally agree that childhood should trump diabetes more often than not...hate those times when D get completely in the way of just being a kid for our kids!

Alexis Nicole said...

Hmmm run a 200 for some sleep? I may do this! Im tired,

I love you and Joe. The Empire is owned by you two!

Michelle said...

Love it! Hope "the fourth" was with you today ;)

FeltFinland said...

My ring tone - love it! 1 year on with the pump and I reckon we are are giving Darth Vader a run for his money!

NikDuck said...

OMG...I think Eddie actually wanted to walk down to that song, but I said no to that! I just read your older post about being in the "tunnel". Thanks for sharing that you had those feelings for so long. We are coming up on Natalie's 1 year anniversary and the tunnel feels just as long and dark to me now. It just helps reading that someone else felt like this for so long and I'm not crazy (well maybe a little).

Amy Lederer said...

Love this post! LOVE IT! Creative, fun, light, true, addresses both being a mom of boys And a d-momma. I HEART YOU!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I had no idea it was Star Wars day!!! I'm living with three Star Wars fanatics. When the YouTube clip on this post was playing, Gregg was in the room and he began singing along with it!

Fun post! I can SO relate! :)