Thursday, August 1, 2013


There was a time that I was a neat night pancreas...

See how the used test strips are/were housed in a dish?

"Oh...yea...If ya get some sort of error message when checking Joe ... just grab another strip and re-test....and if that one errors-out...just grab another strip...and so-on...til you get a number." ~ Me to Dave

You see...

A few nights ago...and btw, I am surprised this hasn't happened to me before during my 7 years as an exogenous pancreas.

During the 2am check, while trying to coax out a strip from a fresh (fresh - meaning full and hard to manipulate out a strip) freestyle vial~vesicle~container~thingy, I dumped out all 47 or so strips onto Joe's chest of drawers.  Unfortunately, they spewed out all willy-nilly-like all over the place and there were some old used test strips spritzled into the mix.  I'm a slob night time pancreas, so it seems.

So, our test strip vial now has "old-dirtys" mixed in with "new-cleans".  Nice.


A day~in~the~life of needing to clean up my night-time act.  I'm sure you are better about throwing away your used night strips.


Heather said...

HA! I love the "cup" in the picture, next to your nice dish. I thought, as first saw that, that you would say that this vessel had become the place to store old strips! We have those strewn about our house, perhaps that is a new purpose for them.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

it is for that exact reason I refuse to put more than about 20 strips in the container!!
I always end up spilling them & so does Bean!
we currently have a high-class ziplok baggy by Bean's bed for night check strips...fancy, I know!

Carrie said...

Why is it that it just makes me happy knowing that someone else out there knows what a pain it is to get test strips out of a new container thingy?
Thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

Sarah said...

I am the test strip cleaner, every don't want to see what the inside of TJ's glucometer case looks like, that man hordes used test strips like nobody's business!
And yes I have refilled a half dumped test strip container with used ones...woops!

katy said...

when the heart dish is full, will you switch over to the pancreas-shaped dish--WAIT, THAT'S HIS CUP!