Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hopefully Never

Studies have shown depression symptoms in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes are nearly double that of the highest estimate of depression in youth in general.


Today we were at our quarterly Endocrine appointment.  This one started off a bit differently.  We, Joe and I, were each given a folder with a depression-y/anxiety self assessment to complete.  Mine was a couple of pages long with a bunch of statements followed by "yes" and "no" check boxes to check.  I had checked most of the "no" boxes; I had not experienced negative feelings about certain aspects of caring for Joe in the past week.  Furthermore, the questions addressed obtaining supplies, insurance coverage, etc...things we don't currently struggle with.

Joe's questionnaire looked fairly simple.  It was a single page.  He had to rate his feelings from something like "never"....all the way to...something like "frequently; all the time".  I took a quick glimpse at his sheet and he checked the "never" box for each statement or question.  One statement was in essence "I feel bad about myself."  Joe's answer was"never"... this was the gist of the questioning and Joe's answers were consistently positive.

At Endo Today
I handed in our completed forms and then entered the exam room and plopped down next to Joe.  Joe gave me the side eye.  His voice was hushed when he said "I feel bad for those people."

It was my turn to give him the side eye and then a whispered ... "For who?"

"The people that feel bad about themselves or their lives."

"Joe, you know why they had us complete that form...right?"

Joe's expression was blank.

"Joe, people with diabetes tend to be a little more depressed than other people."


Not depressed by the day-in-the-life...yet.

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