Wednesday, March 30, 2016


As I pulled up, he was sitting on his friend's driveway.  His shoes were off.  He was alone.  He looked pale.

There are times I'm not sure what to expect.  Sure, experience has given me some ideas.  He may be pasty white and shaking.  He may be curled up in a ball, moaning and mumbling, as he deals with the low.  Or...he may be sprawled out like a 5'6" over-cooked, linguini.  These thoughts went through my thought feed yesterday, after I read the text.  The text stated he was not doing well.  


I knew before I left for my run, he did not have his supplies; his sugar. Sometimes, I like to give him a break from the reminding; the nagging. 

Luckily, his friend stuffed him with Fruit Gushers and Short Bread cookies.  Joe then went out to the driveway to sit and wait for my arrival. Alone.

"Joe, why didn't you stay with your friends?"

"I just wanted to wait.."  I think he wanted to wait out the low; perhaps in private.

"You should have stayed with people."

"I knew if I passed out you'd come soon .. and find me."

He was 39.

Alone in his day-in-the-life.


katy said...


KM Angel said...

Bless his heart! Hope he came up quickly and was feeling better.

Liz said...

So scary! I know what he means, sometimes you just want to be alone and not answer questions. Glad he's ok!