Friday, April 22, 2016

A Free Meal

It's one, of many, difficult concepts to explain to those who do not intimately know t1d;  the tasks that accompany the simple act of eating.  Typically, a blood glucose level should be obtained.  The number, if high, should be corrected with insulin.  The number, if low, should be treated with fast acting carbs.  The food that will be consumed should be counted for grams of carbohydrate.  The carbohydrate count should then be covered with insulin.  Eating, the joy of eating, times..can be dampened by the cumbersomeness of the management.

This morning, Joe sat down to a chocolate chip pancake breakfast.

Outta habit, he went to do a check.

"Joe, you just corrected about 30 minutes ago."

His morning BG was in the 230s, which he corrected.  I had pre-bolused for the 120 gram meal of 3 chocolate chip pancakes and a full cup of OJ.

"It's kinda nice not having to do the diabetes stuff ..."

"Is it doing the stuff every time you eat that bugs you? ...  Or, the me reminding you?"

Joe was kinda quiet here.

Me.. "Perhaps, it is both?"  It's hard to conceptualize.  I'm possibly as annoying as living with t1d; maybe more so?

A few more seconds of silence.

A mumble-y "yeah " ... and then a quiet "both" came out of Joe's pancake-stuffed mouth.

Enjoying a meal without doing his day-in-the-life.

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