Friday, February 3, 2017


Over the years, I've tried to teach him the proper way to do things.  A healthy diet was discussed and modeled.  But... he did his own thing, choosing to eat from the "Brown and Beige Club" for years - chips, bread, mac and cheese, chips, crackers.  Now, lean meats and vegetables are consumed regularly.  Blood glucose checks were encouraged multiple times daily.  This has been his routine for the most part, but with some nagging.  Rotating pump sites, took years; like 9 to be exact.

The lumps and bumps are persistent in one arm; his right.  Until this last year, he used the backs of his arms exclusively for pump sites and CGM sites.  He was reluctant to try a new area.  Reluctant should be translated as "refused".  

Several months ago, Joe first found these lumps.  I explained it was most likely due to lack of site rotation - lipohypertrophy. I encouraged rotation, but didn't say much more.  A few weeks later...

A little more maturity in the day-in-the-life.

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