Sunday, November 4, 2018

#DAM Fall Back

#theoneeye 👁️

Many nights, that's all it requires; one eye. There's an internal 2-ish a.m. alarm in me. I wake. Eyes closed, I fumble for the phone on my nightstand. My right eye reluctantly opens. It scans the Dexcom app to make sure he is at an ok number.

The app will alarm if he goes below 70 or above 300. I don't have it on for other deviances, like if it loses signal or rapid drops and climbs...if I did, it would alarm all.the.time.

Last night was a good night to sleep. #thankful
#makediabetesvisible #t1d #needtotweakbasalrate

T1d people change time on your pumps! 🕑🔄

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