Thursday, January 28, 2010

ADIE ("Like the Number 80")

Seriously, does it get better than having a "best bud?"...I don't think so, especially in the eyes of a 6 year old boy...and that is just what Adie is, Joe's best bud. He comes over at least 2 times a week after school and he and Joe (and often Bridget) play Lego's, reenact Star Wars, ice skate, play soccer, rake leaves, play video games, etc. These two bring out great qualities in each other...Adie brings out Joe's empathetic side. I love watching Joe care for a friend so deeply... and I think Joe encourages Adie to try new things...both boys have heart...and this makes me love them all the more. They giggle when they push Bridget's buttons enough to get a rise out of her. They are your typical bratty little brothers...but when push comes to shove, Bridget fiercely protects them on the playground and vice-versa. The three of them are thick as thieves.

Few people know this, but I used to dread play dates...what if the other children are hungry...and it isn't quite a good time for Joe to eat. I could offer everyone cheese and meat (carb-free foods), but that doesn't always go over well with young kids in this carb-laden, processed-food flooded world. Joe didn't usually mind...if another child stated they were hungry and I fed them a snack, but it bothered me. Fortunately, Joe is usually pretty easy going with his food and the schedule...don't get me wrong...the kid is not deprived in any way. He has carbs (I just try to feed him a consistent amount at the same time daily and he has treats in moderation). The one thing Diabetes likes is consistency...that generally means meals around the same time daily, with roughly the same amount of carbs at the same time daily...with roughly the same activity schedule daily. So I am finding my stride in juggling play dates and best buds and diabetes and making it all things it requires BALANCE...and our lives have been enriched by Joe's best bud Adie...

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