Sunday, January 24, 2010


September 2006

Dave describes this experience the BEST..."It was like drinking water from a firehose." This is how he explains the education that must take place in an 8-12 hour period for families to be able to take their newly diagnosed type 1 child home safely. This is how it must be...there is so much information to cover and if you don't do it this could be in the hospital for days to absorb this crucial information:

1: What is a glucometer?
2: What is control solution?
3: What is a test strip?
4: How do you calibrate the glucometer?
5: How to test your child's blood sugar?
6: How do you operate a lancing device?
7: How do you change the needle of the lancing device?
8: What is a normal blood sugar level?
9: How do you treat a low blood sugar?
10: What is a fast acting carbohydrate?
11: What is Glucagon?
12: What is Insulin?
13: How do I give a shot?
14: How to meal plan?
15: How to read a nutrition label?
16: What are ketones?

This is just a scratch on the surface...nevermind that you have a 3 year-old that you need to do all of the above to...and his sibling to explain all of the above to...and that you need to somehow take all this information you just received and educate the school your child is attending and hope they are willing to help out. I am extremely fortunate that I am a nurse and was familiar with many of these topics, but I must say...even as an ICU nurse, I had NO idea what my family's life would be like once we returned home...

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