Friday, August 20, 2010

Zeus, the "Tattoo Guy" getting the OIL massage...and a mild LOW

Hmmm ... Z-E-U-S..."the father of gods and men"...ah OK or maybe "god of the sky"? I dunno, maybe my analysis at the end of the photo stream will shed some light onto the Zeus "WORD ART" (nice name for graffiti).

Bridget, Joe, and I went hiking for a couple of hours today at the Winooski Mill. My kids call it "Mill Winooski"...they have been hiking here since they were pre-schoolers and this is what they "dubbed" it. Joe's BG started out at 133 with one arrow DOWN on "Dexter" (CGM), so I gave him 2 Starbursts to "boost" him up at the beginning of the "adventure"....

Me, and yes, I need to lay-off the P90X...I look like I am going to beat the shit outta someone with those biceps - UGH. Note my handy companion "WoodChuck #2". He is attached to me like a 3rd arm.

The scenery - oh so beautiful...what I am NOT showing you is that there was a woman giving a guy covered with tattoos a massage on the lawn that the kids and I were standing on. There was music (and oil) involved... and let's just leave it at that and keep on going.

I always thought these leaf-less, well OK branch-less trees...I guess that makes them "tree trunks" were cool...FINALLY got a picture of them. Note: Massage Lady and Tattoo Man are now out of sight...big SIGH of relief.

The path ... to "adventure" as Bridget likes to call it.

UH...OH...going LOW? We do a blood check and YEPPERS, Joe's blood sugar is 60...another 2 Starbursts (now we are out of the candy) and move onto Orange flavored Glucose 2 Starbursts and one Glucose Tab it is. Joe is then sitting in the middle of the path refusing to move btw. So I "disengage" and wait for the LOW to come up. Diabetes is a TURD.

A stop for a little "dip" of the feet in one of many streams encountered on the way... Still waiting for the LOW to come least we are not in the middle of the PATH any longer.

Bridget...Joe's biggest fan (and,at times, nemesis).

Perking-UP from the LOW. 88 and one arrow UP.

Dear god who uses this for shelter?...mind you it is by the...


Joe and Bridget played under the freeway... trying to catch frogs, throwing rocks, throwing re-bar (until I realized what they were doing) and then it was back to just throwing rocks and not the re-bar for awhile...

The "ZEUS" signage here...maybe it was painted there as an offering to the "God of the Sky" or maybe some teenage male is having a surge of testosterone and wanted to paint the word "ZEUS" in honor of the "Father to Gods and MEN"? I don't know. Funny how the end of the hike ends-up here at the freeway underpass with GRAFFITI...not very "VERMONT-y".

Some fun with a MILD LOW in the day-in-the-life with Type 1.


Unknown said...

Ahhhh.....sounds like a GREAT day.

Your biceps ROCK!!!! You coulda really interrupted the massage with those things if you wanted to :)

Ronda said...

The path to "adventure"...I love this! Love your blog too! I had a dog named "Zeus"! Thank goodness the tattoo guy and his little lady "left the building"...Do your eyes still hurt?? Lol!

Here's to your next "adventure"....hope it is filled with laughter and fun!

Jessica said...

I am SO jealous that you can be hiking right now. If we went outside longer than it takes to get inside our air-conditioned car, we would all MELT into a sticky puddle of Texas sludge. Not to mention that I haven't found anything that remotely resembles any kind of hill or mountain around here anyhow... ( Can you tell I miss the mountains? Why did we move here again?) :)
Looks like a LOT of fun.

Sarah said...

I need to learn more about PX90..what the heck is it I hear so much from friends on FB and feel outta it...cuz, well I am!
And yes, Diabetes is a big fat stinky TURD!
Your kids are adorable and VT looks pretty, even in underpasses :)

Penny said...

OK I am a little scared of the massage oil guy and you with those guns sister! Hee hee hee. Sounds like a great walk together!

Nikki said...


Heidi / D-Tales said...

My God, you have some serious guns there, woman! Wow! Good for you!

Your post made me homesick. I've been to Winooski! I miss the northeast! Can I visit you in Vermont some day??!!

Diabetes really is a turd. You couldn't just have an "interesting" hike, could you? Noooo! Diabetes had to rear its ugly head! Glad to hear he perked up and had some fun with the rebar! LOL! That's totally something my kids would have done! :)

LaLa said...

Love your p90x arms - you can kick some serious ass! Ummmm - - - next time take a picture of of tattoo peeps with the massage oil. Boom chick a bow wow!!

Misty said...

Love your pictures Reyna! What a fun adventure. Making wonderful memories...let's hope the kids remember the ones of the beautiful scenery, not ugly D..or the massaging couple!

Donna said...

Wow!! I WANT those biceps!!! :D

Looks like a really great day... its one both you and the kids will remember... and those are SO important!! And of course, rockin D Mom that you are - you handled D like a pro! =)

And can I just say, compared to the desert... VT is GORGEOUS!!!

PS - the massage with oil part had me laughing out loud! LOL

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time! Too bad you had to run into the tattoo massage, or what ever it was! I love walks like that with my kids. We live near a park that runs along side a river and I love to take the girls down there to ride bikes.

Amanda said...

Reyna you are a hot mama! My brother did P90X and he said he couldn't even wash his hair the next day because he couldn't lift his arms above his head!
I'm with Laura...kind of wanted to see the tattooed oily massage...