Thursday, December 17, 2015


Yes, he is 12.  Yet, it's already on his mind; driving and diabetes.  In particular, lows and driving and the impact of those two potentially dangerous things occurring simultaneously.

"If it's a long road trip... like a few hours, I think I'll stop and check every hour... does that sound good?"

"Yeah, Bud, that sounds like a good plan."

"I would never want to hurt someone."

"I know."

"You take good care of diabetes.  When it's time, we will ask your doctor about it.  I know you will be responsible."

"Would I go to jail?"

"For what?"

"If I caused an accident."

"Because of a low?"


"I don't think so ..  I really don't know."

"Hurting or killing someone else ... " His conversation trailed off.  He shook his head and looked out the car window.

All of these years have been spent caring for him and worrying for his well being, his safety, his psycho-social-emotional health in dealing with a somewhat micro-managed day-in-the-life.  Am I teaching him well?  Will he eventually get the hang of it all?  Will he make safe decisions?  The driving and the college years have started to seep into my thoughts.  I suppose it should not surprise me he has some concern over his increasing independence and the responsibilities that accompany it. 

Realizing how his day-in-the-life could harm others.

ADA Drivers License Laws By State

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