Friday, January 27, 2017

Feelin' "Got"

I'm not sure if isolation quite describes it.  I suppose it is a feeling of loneliness and of feeling misunderstood.  Today, I didn't feel that way.  Today,  I felt "got".  Today, my eyes teared up as I read an email from one of Joe's teachers. This email was not in response to any recent issues.  It was an unexpected email of praise for Joe. 

A portion:

'I can only imagine how challenging it is to live each day with diabetes, and the impacts it has on Joe's personal and academic life. And, as if managing the health aspects of it isn't enough in itself, he also has to learn how to advocate for himself and build new coping skills to manage it's impact on all aspects of his life. I see so much growth in these areas as well.'  

The blood sugar checking, the carb counting, and the insulin dosing are one thing.  Sure, at times, the numbers cause physical discomfort.  Yes, the management, the needles hurt.  The thing about diabetes is... the actual disease and the management are so enmeshed and interconnected throughout our days and our nights that it is impacted by just about everything;  it impacts just about everything.

Proud of Joe and how he handles his day-in-the-life.

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