Monday, January 16, 2017

School Nurse Call

At about 3pm, the end of the school day, a few days ago...  I received a call from Joe's school nurse.  She notified me of a recent low; he treated.  He left school without re-checking his blood glucose; he didn't want to miss his ride home.

' your telling me to call him and make sure he makes it home alive (laughter) ... and if he doesn't, I won't hold you responsible.'  Laughter closed the conversation between Joe's school nurse and I.

These are the things you say, cuz they are kinda true.  He's meandering the community, alone...sometimes low.  At times, I just gotta have blind faith that he'll be alright.  He knows what to do.  I have taught him well. And.  I also realize..there could be times, he may not be ok.  There are no guarantees with anything in this life; certainly not with t1d.

I called him.

'You ok?'

'Yeah.  I'm 120s.  I didn't want to miss my ride..'

Conversations with the school nurse while dealing with the day-in-the-life.

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