HI I am JOE! 

My son Joe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 3 years of age. He did nothing to get this autoimmune disease and he can do nothing to get rid of it. He is now 7 years old and is a healthy, happy, active boy. It is easy for one to forget what he endures daily to keep his body healthy… as he is just one of the kids…playing, laughing, running, going to school. However, in between his seemingly “normal” day as a second grader, Joe checks his blood sugar 10 or more times a day with a finger prick. He is connected to an Insulin Pump 24/7. Everything he eats must be weighed, measured, and carbohydrates counted to determine the amount of insulin needed…EVERY time he eats. This involves several visits to the nurse during his school day, as well as stops throughout the day no matter how much fun he may be having. There are bedtime blood sugar checks and blood checks in the middle of the night….diabetes NEVER sleeps. Diabetes care is continual…day-to-day…hour-to-hour. Insulin, food, blood sugar numbers, and activity levels must be balanced and adjustments must be made. This constant state of vigilance can be a grind…but you would never know it when talking to, playing with, or watching Joe.