Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That Is NOT On My Playdate Cheat Sheet...

What sending Type 1 on a Play Date looks like:

A few days ago...

The water mushroom and the blaring music were a concern.

I lounged on my chair by the pool. The cell phone was poised on the arm of the chair. My eyes scanned it regularly for any sign of a call, a message, a notification. I was with Bridget and her friend. Joe was at his friend Adie's house. The phone is a constant companion during Joe's absence. I have trust and faith in Joe and in Nikki, Adie's mother. They may need me though.

The green notification light started blinking.

My right hand refreshed the phone. Damn. I missed the call. It was them.

I call them. The peripheral background noise makes the call difficult to interpret. Nikki let's me know that Joe was 63. I think that is what she said. I repeat into the phone staccato-like "six" "three". She confirmed. Something about sugar or Starbursts was mentioned. I ask in a loud cave-woman-y voice "He.took.sugar!?" Again, at least I can hear the "yes" that is delivered in response. Nikki goes onto say something about Joe wanting a snack and he was mumbling something at her like "combo bolus". Well.... Ok then. This isn't on my Play Date Cheat Sheet.

Joe gets on the phone.

The lisp-y, the nasal-y, and the soft spoken-y really isn't working for me here. The noise of the water 'shroom splashing and the Pop Rock spewing from the speakers is too much. I heard "snack" and "combo". I interpreted the issue as "Joe, are you wanting to eat now? ... are you calling because you don't want to wait the 15 minutes to recheck your blood sugar? ... and you want to do a combo bolus to cover the snack?"

I heard a "yes", with the emphasis on the slightly drawn out "s" that we all know and love in the lisp.


I understood.

I tell him to do a 0%:100% extended over 30 minutes (this is NOT intended as medical advice). I tell him not to enter in his BG, assuming he will correct with the 12 grams of carbs he just consumed for the low. I can pick out an "OK" from his end. Then, abruptly, the call is ended. He hung up, ready to man his pump with the instruction given I assume.

Bridget comes at me from the snack bar. She is shaking two Tootsie Pops like they are maracas to the beat of the music with confidence and sass. I continue to scan my phone.

A text came in... "Don't worry... we r all good!"

I responded with ..."I know he is in good hands!"

A couple of hours later, when Joe is back with me, he checks his number. A 108 graces the glucometer screen.

A day-in-the-life of critical thinking as he expands his independence.

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Penny said...

He did it! You did it! Yeah for growing up and yeah for understanding him on the phone too!

Nikki said...

I dont know what I would do without him... I now know what a combo bolus is now (thanks Joe) but unfortunately the damn glare on the glucometer didnt show me how to get to the menu... haha.. I think it could be time to show me how to use the glucogon. Love that smart, lispy, independent kid.

Meagan said...

YAY! Happy that the end result blood sugar was a gorgeous 108, that is a playdate victory for sure!!! :)

sky0138 said...

Awesome job to you guys and to Nikki! We need more people like her in the world willing to keep an eye out for our kiddos when they are trying to do a "normal" thing like have a playdate with friends. :o)

tara said...

Nikki you are the BOMB DIGGITY!!!! Way for helping Joe get some independence and giving Reyna someone she can trust to take him for a playdate. I know it must be rough on everyone and just so dang happy Reyna has someone like you for a friend.

Sysy said...

Oh my gosh, Reyna! This post made me feel so good for several reasons. 1) You made a cheat sheet for playdates! Brilliant! 2) love your confidence and trust in others when watching your kid and 3) Joe and his expanding independence is exciting to hear about!

And a 108 after the playdate-Yayy!

Sandy said...

Good for Joe! I have my phone literally glued to me also when I am away :)

Scully said...

This is such a sweet little post. I don't even use combo boluses or anything fancy like that. Not only did I learn something new about delaying a snack bolus after a low, I learned about more of your awesomeness.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Awesome on so many levels!
Friends you trust; Sweet lispy kid that can rock a low, snack, combo bolus; Super Mama who can hear the important key words in a conversation and stay at the pool instead of packing up to 'save the day'; oh, and the tootsie roll maraca playing sister!
LOVE IT...and you!

Holly said...

You were awesome! A 108 is an amazing post-playdate number! : )

He is growing up, and it's hard! I love a good phone, but sometimes interference can drive us batty! Mary Claire was trying to talk her way through some powdered sugar donuts her Gigi brought over (no, they don't get it), and I have found I can no longer focus-I need to SEE the pump, so it's HARD!!

I miss you, girl! Hope everything is going ok with you! : )

shannon said...

another step on his way. i think it's great that you are present enough to mark these moments. so valuable.

Sarah said...

whew! I'm so not ready for playdates...you and your little dude are rockstars!

Tracy1918 said...

You are WAY more organized than you think you are and you've taught Joe well! I'm envious. : )

AND....when you describe Bridget with the word "sass" I know she's you made over.

(A compliment to you both!)

Michelle said...

Awesome!!!! Love that Joe knew he could do a combo bolus and make it work...and that his friend's mom is able and willing to have him over for a playdate and keep him safe....and that you were able to hear and understand Joe's soft-spoken, lispy voice over the phone...and Bridget's Tootsie Pop maraca dancing!

Lora said...

glad you have a great friend that allows you to spend the day with Bridget. I love the maraca shakin tootsie pop visual btw :)

Hallie Addington said...

This is why I heart the DOC. I never thought about doing a bolus like that! DUH! What a great idea! And I'm so glad you had a successful day and he's growing into such a responsible little man!

Amy said...

Heya . . . I read on a comment somewhere you saying your step-father is ill. And you are on vacation. Just wanted to shoot a little (okay, a LOT) of Love, lOve, loVe, lovE your way in the midst of some cRaZy times.

Don't let the man keep you down!!!! (Whoever that man/woman may be) ;)


Misty said...

Woo hoo for great friends and Woo hoo for a very smart Joe!!