Friday, November 27, 2015

Fair Flu Shot

She slouched down in the passenger seat; her messy top knot bun was getting scrunched  up.

A few days ago during our car ride to the pediatricians office, mentions of flu mist and flu shots peppered the conversation.  Bridget was listening in earnest as Joe talked about live and dead viruses.  The dead ones being what he needed, due to his diabetes.  Unfortunately the dead ones were in the flu shot and not the mist.  Bridget could opt for the flu mist, since she does not have a chronic condition.  Bridget sighed and then slouched down a bit further.  Bun getting scrunched up even more.

Silence took over the moment

Quiet filled the space.

Then Bridget confidently stated "I'll do the shot too...  ... to be fair .. to Joe."

A simple, softly spoken "thanks Bridge" came from the back seat; from Joe.

For the remainder of the car ride, discussions of past vaccine and shot experiences ensued.

They were both nervous, anxious, and worked-up.  

We arrived to the parking lot.  As we exited the car, a hearty and quite unexpected ... "don't BlarT yourself Bridge!" was called out by Joe.  From what I could gather the verb in that statement is two simultaneous expulsions (or explosions; take your pick) from opposite ends of your body.  They were both concerned this may happen to them upon inoculation.

Lovely.  I'm so proud.

Joe and Bridget were hand-in-hand as we maneuvered through the parking lot.

"We are in this together" cried Bridge.

Flu Shot Selfie

Being fair in our day-in-the-life.


Colleen said...

So Bridget... You made me cry.
Being a big sister can be tough. You're obviously quite good at it.

Leonardo said...

I remember going through the same things whenever I had to get a shot. The apprehension and the nervousness of it all. It always did seem to be easier with my brother along. Whether he was encouraging or not it was better. I still get a flu shot every year and always ask if he has gotten his. And I'm still a bit uneasy, every time.

Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group