Monday, November 16, 2015

The Smiley Face Did The Trick

Joe finds them annoying; the questions.  The questions a head pancreas, who is supervising a pancreas in training, ask. It was much easier when I did all of the diabetes care. 
“Did you check?”   “Did you wash your hands?”

“What is your number?”  “What was your number?”  “Joe, check your number?”

“What is Dexter saying?”  “What was Dexter saying?”

“Have you bolused?”  “Did you bolus?”  “Joe, bolus.”

“Did you eat sugar?”  “Eat sugar.”

“Do you have your supplies?”  “Don’t forget your supplies.”  “Go get your supplies.”

“What did you eat” “What are you going to eat?”  “You gonna eat all of that?”  “How many grams?”

“Change your site?”  “Did you change your site?”  

This is a pretty accurate blow-by-blow of our days.  Mind you, the questions aren’t asked one at a time.  They pretty much get peppered out the way I wrote them.  We ask one; no answer.  So we ask again … and … at times, a third question or follow-up statement is required.  Parenting a preteen, a preteen male, a preteen male with type 1 diabetes, can be maddening. 

Even via text… 

I think the emoji prevented me from needing to ask a third time.

A day-in-the-life of a transitioning pancreas.


Colleen said...

I'm so glad you're both back in blog-land!

Thanks for the smiles this evening!

Holly said...

It is sooo true!! If I add an emoji, it seems to get through!!! Crazy! and ditto. Same hormone-raging teen thing here too. Wish I had an emoji to !!