Saturday, May 25, 2013

Going Well!

I promise I did not "wear" the headlamp as I dropped off Joe to his friend's house for the sleepover last evening.  However, for your viewing pleasure I did ....

I thought the "head lamp" was a thoughtful token for night-check-ease.  Salami and pickles were brought for Joe's snacking pleasure to veer him away from heavy carb snacking into the night.  In general, Joe does not eat carbs after dinner.

So far so good.  I have not heard from Joe or Joe's-friend's-mom since 10:30pm last night.

Up to that point Joe had consumed pizza (2 slices), ice cream (1/2 a cup, which he thought was a cup and we bolused for a cup, and he then called me back to say it was 1/2 a cup and we then made up the difference with Starbursts, which I believe ultimately lead to a low...but whatever), salami, salami wraps (cream cheese spread on salami that is then rolled up into little cigar-shapes), and pickles. 

His numbers have ranged from 55 to 270. 

I'll take it.

A day-in-the-life of support pancreating remotely.


Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

Thank goodness!! Good thing he caught the overbolus, and Id guess the damn starbursts could have been the culprit in the end too. Grrr. We too, dont eat carbs after dinner! I thought I was the only "crazy" D Mom that had that rule! Today Maddi ventures herself to a birthday swim party....not quite the same as a sleep over.....but that turbo charged insulin after pizza,cake,chips,ice freaking me out over here!!