Saturday, May 11, 2013

The "One-Eye"

I think I was pulling the "one-eye"... you know...the middle of the night check "one-eye"?  It is where I only open one eye so that I can traverse the walk to Joe's room and sift through his d' supplies to grab a blood sugar check, while tricking myself that I am still sleeping b/c one eye is closed.  I think I was pullin' the "one-eye" at 6:07am this morning as I stumbled back into my room...from Joe's.

Dave to me:  "What are ya doin'?"

Me:  "Just checkin' to make sure Joe was still alive...he is not in his he must be good."

Yes.  I am serious.  This is what I said.  This is what goes on in our d' home.

Here is what is what went down.

1:47am - I woke.  On my own.  I usually do in anticipation of the alarm.  I set my alarm for  3am,  but usually wake an hour or so prior; my internal clock so-to-speak.  The "one-eye" was employed per usual.  Joe's blood sugar was 280.  I went to bolus...I cannot remember how much the pump called for.  I think it was like 1.8 units.  I scrolled up the insulin dose, pressed OK.  Then that "dunh..nah..nuh...nah...nuh...nah...NUH" alarm went off.  You know (Animas users) that alarm that means something is up.  I looked at Joe's pump.  It said something to the effect of "there is not enough insulin left in the cartridge in this pump to give that dose you just scrolled up to".  There was 1 unit left in the cartridge.

You and I both know what I should have immediately begun to do.  You know.  Like open the other eye...traipse down the stairs...get out a new cartridge, a new set, an alcohol pad,  Site Prep,  IV 3000, and oh yea...the insulin.  You and I both know that I needed to be putting in a new site.

Now, please don't get judge-y here.  But, you wanna know what I initially did.  Yes, it is embarrassing.  It is embarrassing for a few reasons:  1) I am a nurse 2) I have been a d' rent for a pretty long time and know better and 3) this is my child and I should be taking decent care of him.


Here goes...I stumbled, "one-eyed" back to my room and into my bed dividing 1 unit by his basal rate of 0.3 units/hr.  Hmmmm...I figured out that should get him to about 5am...with the non-corrected 280....knowing that I was hoping to sleep into 7am.  Then I actually was wondering how long it would take the ketones to climb...and finally I thought of the ICBCs (kinda going all "Princess Bride" remember the ROUSs ~ Rodents Of Unusual Size).  ICBCs translates to Inevitable Cartridge Bubble Clingers.  So, technically Joe may only have about 0.5 units left in that pump.

Eyes (both of 'em) were opened.

Bed was exited.

Stairs were traipsed down.

Supplies were collected.

Site was changed.

280 was corrected.

The CARNAGE..  Note:  No Glucose Tabs were used in this scenario...They were toppled over from a previous night...left them in photo for "drama factor"

Technically, I should have set an alarm for 4-ish or 5am.  Too tired to set the alarm, I was relying on my internal clock to just kinda jostle me awake around then.  It didn't happen, hence the check for life at 6:07am.

A blood sugar was finally checked at 8am.  A 107 graced the glucometer screen.

A night-in-the-life of managing type 1 diabetes for my son Joe. 


Lora said...

My name is Lora and I have heard the Animas alarm. I have also not changed the site. I have calculated and in embarrassment... I admit that I have corrected via syringe to avoid middle of the night site change. ** hanging head **

Unknown said...

Hi Lora... My name is Reyna... Sadly I did not even think of syringe option. Wah wuh wuhhhh...,

katy said...

Brilliant! I can use this. It is amazing how much math and critical thinking you(we) can do with a one-eye brain, but unwrapping things would be to wakey-uppy.

And I love the glucose tabs for photo-drama.

Glad ya'll survived.

Scott K. Johnson said...
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Sarah said...

I am always amazed an how I can rationalize things at 2am that at any other time I wouldn't do...and yet there you go with a full site change, I would have pulled out an insulin pen and corrected. (I am a bit LAZY at 2am!!!)
Hopefully tonight we all get a bit more rest!

Unknown said...

I'm totally resting tonight. Dave's on board - woot!