Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Literally thinking of "Cutting The Cord" ... more on that soon...

 "Ahh . ... he (a.k.a. Joe) told me that we might need to leave a door unlocked for you... ah, so you could come in and check him in the middle of the night." ~ Joe's-friend's-mom  to me.

I paused to see what her reaction was going to be so that I could, in turn, mirror it.  She started laughing.  So, I then started laughing.  Little did she know, I would do that "PLAN" if it seemed "normal" and "OK" to her.  Little did she know that Dave has indeed climbed through muddy the dark... at 2 am ... to access Joe's blood, while he attended an overnight Hockey Camp.

You see..

Yesterday, after school, as I was wrapping-up from work ...

Joe phoned:  "Mom! I was invited to a sleepover...for Memorial Day Weekend! ... on this Friday! ... can I go?!"

My eyes filled:  "Sure bud.  We'll have to figure out the diabetes." (sErIoUsLy, why did I even need to mention the "diabetes part"?  I hate that I did that.)

Joe has never spent the night at a friend's house.  He is now ten years old.  Seven of his ten years have been lived with diabetes.  We have had friends over to our home for the night, but never vice-versa.  When he was younger, it seemed too daunting, to complicated.  Then the issue just seemed to slip off the radar.  For me it did anyway.  Not sure if Joe has given it much thought over the past few years.  I am ashamed to admit that I did not make this happen for Joe earlier.  I simply could have just asked a friend to have him over; friends that know diabetes fairly well after hanging with Joe and I over the years.  I simply just needed to ask;  to ask for "hhh...e.l.p".

As I was pre-discussing the "pre-slumber party diabetes plan" with Joe's-friend's-mom, I was apologetic when mentioning the 2 am check. Asking for "hhh..e.l.p." is difficult for me; to a fault.  I struggle to do it even for the wellbeing of my child.

"Help" (transitive verb) ~ 1) to give assistance or support; 2) to make more pleasant or bearable.

A day-in-the-life of accepting assistance and support, in order to make Joe's life with type 1 diabetes more pleasant and bearable.


Kelly said...

We would totally be that kind too...window climbing, door crashing number checkers! I know Joe will have the time of his life at his sleepover. Hope one day if it ever presents itself I too will be able to accept assistance and support when it comes to the "d". xoxo

Lora said...

Sleepovers are a sore subject here. As you know, older sisters, don't make it any easier. I don't even have anyone I trust to have him over. No family with boys close to his age etc... sucks.

BTW: I would totally creep into someones house at 2am. #notashamed

Amanda said...

No away from home sleepovers for us either, except Grandma's house and D-Camp. She hasn't been invited to a sleepover yet, I'm sorta dreading it, and I would creep in at 2am too if needed :)