Saturday, October 1, 2011

How Long Has This Been Going On For?

Last night...

At 3:32 am....

I am awakened by the the bright glow of the hallway light flooding my room from the doorway, as Joe enters.

"Mom, can you cover me with a blanket? ... I just had a really bad dream..."

"Sure Buddy."

I got up. I followed Joe back to his room. I grabbed a blanket from his closet shelf and spread it over his lean little 8 year old body. I kissed his cherubic, dimpled cheek. I grabbed the glucometer and readied it for a blood sugar check. I lanced Joe's finger. The blood wicked up the test strip. 5-4-3-2-1. A 97 graced the screen. Dexter was showing a smooth trend-line. I picked up the Dex 4 container. Shook it a bit. Nothing. No sound. It was empty.

Joe then chimed in, "Oh, I just took the last glucose tab right when I woke up Mom ... Dexter was 71 with a diagonal down."

Too tired to process the information, I said goodnight and headed back to sleep.

This morning I addressed it. Apparently, Joe has been taking glucose tabs when he feels low in the middle of the night. He is not waking us up when he feels low. He reads Dexter and "boosts" accordingly. While I am encouraged by his independence and his diligence in avoiding lows, I am a bit concerned that he has not been letting me know that he is feeling low. And. His pump settings may be off a bit due to the fact that I have not been aware of his "nocturnal boosting". Great. I am livin' the dream folks...livin' the dream.

A day-in-the-life of reigning in Joe's evolving independence.