Sunday, October 29, 2017

Some Ding Dang Blunt Honesty

What he was expressing isn't emoted often. It's rare for him to complain about t1d.  He truly just goes about his day-in-the-life of teenager-hood like a teenager-y boy in a teenager-ish manner.

Being a Teenager

About a week, or so, ago...

Perhaps it was because he does most of his care now.  Maybe it coulda been because he was being a typical 14 year old boy.  And it most definitely could have been because I scheduled his annual lab draw, a flu shot, his Endocrine appointment, and a 504 meeting all on the same day.  I forget - it's alot....type 1, it's management, and the crap that accompanies it.

He was slumped over and apparently taking a "nap" during our 10 minute drive to his Endo appointment.

I was definitely resembling a chatty, perky, 40-something-year-old, mom-type as I rattled off questions with a brisk tongue; trying to engage in some sort of meaningful conversation with my boy.

He hardly responded to me, as in I mean there were moans, groans, and single syllable words used.  I think I was  annoying him.

'Joe aren't you happy you get today off of school?'

A ..'For sucky reasons' was mumbled.

'It's not so bad.' An attempt to encourage him to be more positive was made.

Joe then sat up straight and and then set me straight.  'I get to go get my blood drawn, get a flu shot and see a doctor about a disease that I don't want....I then get to go sit in a conference room ... with a bunch of my teachers ... and discuss the disease that I don't want.  It's the worst.'

'I can think of worse things.' I then mentioned something about death, death of loved ones, and maybe squeaked in the death of his beloved dogs all being way worse than his day with the disease that he doesn't want.

His response...'it's the worst that I've experienced in my life, so far.'

Good point.  I wish I'd keep my mouth shut sometimes.  As we chiseled our way through the diabetes "to do" list, his attitude improved. His A1C - 6.9.  He had some insight into his 504 Plan and discussed it with his team.  He was back to "the Joe" I typically see.

Blunt honesty about his day-in-the-life.