Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some Work Is Better Than No Work

Over the past couple of months, things had been relatively stable in the diabetes department around here.  Blood sugars had been within range for the most part; pump settings stagnant.

Lows are now plaguing our days and nights.  Lows are seeping into Joe's school days.

This morning, as we hopped into the car for his 6:45 a.m. high jump practice...

"I backed off your breakfast ratio...hopefully you won't go low this morning."


"Are you missing a lot of class ... with all these lows?"

"No.  I just go back to class after I treat."

"Don't you worry about not doing your best work?"

"The way I figure it, some work is better than no work."

I didn't want to point out the time his science notebook was marked as incomplete, due to a week of lows and his going-back-to-class-low-plan lead to things not being glued into place, because in his hypoglycemic state...he "forgot" to use glue.  In elementary school and on up through 5th grade, Joe would stay in the Health Office until his low came up.  This go-back-to-class-low is somewhat new territory for us. 

I realize at some point in his life, maybe it's now, he should carry-on if he feels OK.  Life doesn't just stop and stand still during those 15, or more, minutes it takes to get back to euglycemia.
The day-in-the-life continues no matter what number he is.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


As I pulled up, he was sitting on his friend's driveway.  His shoes were off.  He was alone.  He looked pale.

There are times I'm not sure what to expect.  Sure, experience has given me some ideas.  He may be pasty white and shaking.  He may be curled up in a ball, moaning and mumbling, as he deals with the low.  Or...he may be sprawled out like a 5'6" over-cooked, linguini.  These thoughts went through my thought feed yesterday, after I read the text.  The text stated he was not doing well.  


I knew before I left for my run, he did not have his supplies; his sugar. Sometimes, I like to give him a break from the reminding; the nagging. 

Luckily, his friend stuffed him with Fruit Gushers and Short Bread cookies.  Joe then went out to the driveway to sit and wait for my arrival. Alone.

"Joe, why didn't you stay with your friends?"

"I just wanted to wait.."  I think he wanted to wait out the low; perhaps in private.

"You should have stayed with people."

"I knew if I passed out you'd come soon .. and find me."

He was 39.

Alone in his day-in-the-life.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The End of the Beginning

My time left with them is diminishing.  I'm soaking up the family moments with a keen awareness of changes and transitions that will inevitably arrive, in the all too near future.

Joe and I had an interesting conversation recently.

The conversation was last week; in the car...and yes, you guessed it, on our way home from some sort of hockey.

"I'm going to go to Saint Michael's."

Joe was talking about a local college.  He, apparently, is planning on going to school there in five years.  He is, apparently, planning on living with Dave and I while he attends.

"Joe, trust me, you will want to be with your friends.  You will not want to live with us.  That is OK; it is a normal part of growing up."

Talk of Saint Michael's then turned into a discussion about the University of Vermont, which is about 5 minutes further from our house than Saint Michael's.  His plan changed from living at home to living at school, but coming home every weekend to see us, the dogs, and to do laundry.  Again, I stated his feelings about this would most likely change.

Not once during this conversation, not once...even over the days following this conversation...did I think of, or consider, diabetes.  Over the past nine years, I have gone from micromanaging a preschooler with diabetes, to teaching an elementary-aged child how to perform diabetes-care tasks, to remotely managing a tween with diabetes, and now onto promoting critical thinking skills in a teen with diabetes.  I have been anxious, over all of these years, about the day he moves out; about the day when I'm not there to help him.

The future of his day-in-the-life.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Eggs-cellent Idea

"I think I'll take a break from decorating..."

He was low.  Like, 50's low.  His demeanor was calm.  This low was not a big deal.  He recognized and verbalized shaky hands and trying to draw on eggs was a frustrating combo.

Living the day-in-the-life with sound judgment.