NOTE WELL:  None of the following documents are intended as medical advice.  Please feel free to copy, tweak, and use.

Play Date Cheat Sheet - A quick and dirty cheat sheet to send to a friends house with your young type 1

Blood Sugar Check Procedure - A step-by-step approach to checking a blood sugar.

Glucometer Maintenance Basics - I tuck this in Joe's Diabetes Care Kit with the Glucometer Manual

Glucagon Administration - Another quick and dirty...LARGE PRINT...I laminate it and tape it to a folder that accompanies Joe's Diabetes Care Kit.

Daily Log - This form goes to school with Joe (I fill out what his morning blood sugar was and I write down what I have packed for snack and lunch along with carb counts of each item packed... the nurse in turn fills out what Joe's blood sugar was prior to am snack, lunch, and post lunch...she also documents how much insulin was given at each time during the day).

General Diabetes Information For The School (Teachers) I give a copy of this form to Joe's Classroom Teacher, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, PE Teacher, Principal etc at the beginning of each school year.

Daily Diabetes Care In The School (Nurse)  I used this form in K-garten prior to getting our 504 Plan up and running.

Joe And The Beta Buddies Explain Type 1 Diabetes An elementary-level book to explain type 1 to kids in the classroom.

Joe Goes To Hockey Camp: Cheat Sheet