Saturday, November 3, 2018

#DAM The 9 Lives of Joe

I have many fears re: Joe and diabetes. One of them is he goes into an empty locker room while low. I worry he'll lose consciousness and no one will find him for awhile.

A week, or so, ago...

At the end of hockey practice, Joe headed into the locker room. His Dexcom picked up his signal. The CGM app alarmed 43 and arrow diagonal down.

I sat on a bench in the rink's warm room, my eyes glued to the locker room door ....hoping, wishing I'd see him any moment long should I wait? Another 2, 4, 5 minutes? Then what? Send in some random guy to see if he's still conscious?

😩*Joe would KILL me* 😬

So, I waited some more. Then, finally, I saw him lumbering out of the locker room. My heart.

#makediabetesvisable #t1d

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