Tuesday, November 6, 2018

#DAM Drinking Plan

#practicalJoe #adrinkingplan?

A couple of weeks ago, in the car, on our way to hockey...

'Well I don't like carbonation, so no beer.'

'Joe, there are other types of alcohol.'

'I don't see any point in drinking, it seems dumb ... and it costs money.'

While I appreciate his 15 year old views on alcohol consumption and his aversion to all things carbonated, this is a conversation that will need to be re-visited over the years.

'Joe, you may change your mind. I know how things go.... You may try drinking at some point. The important thing is that you have a plan.'

He was looking down at his phone...I think I lost him😔.

But, I kept going. This topic...is another anxiety inducing topic for me. You see, the liver is not a great multi-tasker. The liver can be helpful if you are having a low blood sugar, it helps release glucose into the bloodstream. But, if alcohol enters the picture, the liver moves detoxifying the alcohol to priority number 1. This can cause severe hypoglycemia ... add in that you might be passed out drunk...in the early morning hours; this is an extremely dangerous situation.

'If you do decide to drink, you will need a "plan". It is something we should talk to your doctor about. The plan may be as simple as eating an extra snack before going to bed, or checking your number more often, or not drinking on an empty stomach....'

(I think I talk too much)🤔

As the "drinking plan" discussion came to a quiet end, I realized "the drinking plan" sounds like way too much responsibility for a partying, possibly inebriated college-aged male.

Who am I kidding!? I'm humbled.

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