Friday, January 1, 2016

Sleep Drinking Talking

Last night...Or shall I say this morning at 1:37am-ish...

I'm doing the one-eye, half asleep, orange-juice-dispensing-via-a-straw-maneuver to a sleeping Joe.  He sleeps during night sugar dispensing.  He chews and drinks in his sleep.  Frankly, I kinda sleep through it too.  Sure, I wake up to the donging off of the Dexcom's alerts, and yes I plod to his room in the darkness of the night, and yup I lance and squeeze his fingers for some blood to test, and of course I then grab some sort of sugar to "boost"  him up. 

I do it all with one-eye partially open; the effect is a sense of doing it all while I'm sleeping, but I'm not...but...I am...but, I'm not. 

Back to last night.

I was holding the straw to his lips.  He sleep drank (like sleep walking, but drinking) and I was nodding off as I balanced the juice and the straw.  All of a sudden, a sleepily, soft "Happy New Year, Mom." startled me from my slumber.  Joe continued to sip and talk with the straw positioned at the side of his mouth.

"Happy New Year, Bud."

"Mom..."  (still sleepily drinking juice, as I'm still sleepily dispensing it) "when does the President take office?"

Juice is gone.  I'm not gonna talk politics with him at 1:40am-ish in the morning.

"Goodnight, Joe."

Our day-in-the life, even on New Years!  Happy 2016.

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katy said...

Beautiful! This is so familiar.

Sometime during a sleep drank mine will sit up and say thank you, and hug me, and then will say something nonsensical.

I literally only open one eye sometimes. My left eye.