Wednesday, April 28, 2010


WARNING...You may not want to read on if you are a Disney World lover or if you are easily offended. You know me...I am going straight to hell for my impure thoughts in the "happiest place on earth."

A few posts ago, I had mentioned that the Maher's had been a little M.I.A. lately. A large part of the M.I.A. was that we had surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World.

I am a "home-body", not a big vacation girl here...and furthermore, don't particularly care to be overstimulated non-stop every waking hour. I hate lines and am not a big fan of rides that transport you through "scenes" that are meant to entertain you can imagine the scandalous and less than nice thoughts that traveled through my twisted brain while hanging with Mickey, Minnie and the crew.

Let's see where to start?

Well, I could tell you about incident in Epcot when I whispered to my Mother-In-Law that I wanted to go tell "Marie" from the Aristocats to "get her furry a%* back to the line and sign my daughter's autograph book" after she left right when it was Bridget's turn...but, it isn't really D-related, so I'll scratch that story...see I truly have issues.


I could talk about the swarm of mom and dad stroller-pushers that used their strollers as "cattle prods" to out-inch and out-maneuver those of us on foot...blocking us at every turn trying to reach the coveted line to the Princesses and Fairies after Toon Town opened in the Magic Kingdom...rolling over the back of my flip-flops, ircking me off, and then racing Bridget and I to be first in line...but, nah...again, not D-related...this one I think anyone would be annoyed over BTW.

So, that leaves me with the GREEDY GUY in the BUFFET LINE.

The point of this story is how I once again get screwed out of food because I am ALWAYS the last to eat. It has somehow become my DUTY to do the diabetes care when we are out, at social functions, sitting down to dinner at a restaurant etc...So, without further delay...The FRIED SHRIMP STAND-OFF with the guy in the buffet line.

Each night in Disney we had reservations at some "Country" in Epcot or at a Hotel where inevitably a buffet of food was being served. You can imagine the "joy" of walking a self absorbed, overstimulated, over tired, diabetic 6 year old BOY through a buffet line. I had to remind him that "hello...there is a line here" and to wait his turn; to watch out for others etc. etc. etc. I was left to discuss food choices, measure, guess on carb counts of foods from all around the world...I threw caution to the wind many nights in Disney for sure. Once we got back to the table, I would get Joe's bolus cranking for the food on his plate. Then I would head back to the buffet line to make myself a plate.

On the night in question, the buffet happened to be fish. I was going through the main course line...and just wanted to try a couple of the fried shrimp. Unfortunately, at the time I was in the line the fried shrimp were all gone. No worries, I had plenty of other foods to choose from. I figured I'd hit the fried shrimp on my second pass. So, I went back to the table. I eat a few bites of my dinner and then, of course, Joe is ready for "seconds". I take his "order" and then head back out to the buffet thinking that I'll go get my fried shrimp.

The fried shrimp was at the VERY END of a LONG line for the seafood. I ONLY wanted the fried shrimp and just a few at that. So I "park it"...across from my food of choice...hoping to hop into the line once it thins out (I guess you could call it "cutting in line"). I see a rather large man making his way up the line and there is a BIG BREAK in the line after him. So, I am thinking Great, I'll just grab my shrimp after he helps himself. Well, doesn't this guy take spoonful after spoonful after spoonful after spoonful...after spoonful (I added an extra "after spoonful" for good measure) of the fried shrimp. SERIOUSLY?! By this point, due to his greed and gluttony, not only are there a limited number of precious shrimp left but there is no longer the nice big break in the line for me to "cut" in. An elderly lady is now hot on his heels. She arrives at my desired platter and SLOWLY grabs her serving of fried shrimp, one shrimp at a time with TONGS mind takes FOREVER...and once she's through there are only like a couple of shrimp and crumbs left in the pan. At this point, I am DONE. I cut off a lady at the butter dispenser, I grab a butter bowl and scoop up the remaining shrimp...I was not even gonna deal with those cumbersome tongs and I then march off...back to the table in a bit of a huff.

Can anyone say "FOOD RAGE" issues here...

So, you must think I am a "hot head" when it comes to my food. I feel somewhat selfish for even mentioning this...but it is truly how I feel, so here goes. I guess what bothers me is that so often my needs...especially when it comes to eating with the family are placed on the back burner...EVERY TIME. I make sure Joe's food is measured, weighed, carb counted. I ask him to wash his hands and check his blood sugar. I am the one who directs the bolus or does the bolus...and only then, at that point, do I get my food and sit down to eat. By the time I sit down, Joe is more often than not ready for that requires the whole process to begin again...measure, weigh, bolus. So, yes, I am somewhat resentful about the "eating situation" at times...and the "Stand-off in the Buffet Line" over the Fried Shrimp exemplified this perfectly. I overreacted ( me I was a model of patience and grace externally...seething mad internally), ready to combust over "normal" buffet-like behavior, especially for a guy with a large habitus. This resentful, food-deprived, D-mom realizes she needs to DELEGATE a bit more so that she can get a GRIP.

So for a little apology letter...

Dear Overweight Guy in the Buffet Line (taking WAY more shrimp that you should be BTW),

I am so very sorry for my impure thoughts about the portion of fried shrimp that you served yourself in Disney World. I know it is none of my business what-so-ever, what you eat, how much you eat, etc. I don't know what came over me.

You see, my family...especially Dave, Bridget, and I have been sneaking food for years. Yes, I realize this is "unhealthy" behavior. We are trying to avoid having to deal with bolusing Joe with Insulin for extra carbs or unknown carbs. Also, I am a bit bitter over the fact that I am ALWAYS the last to eat. In line, that night...with the shrimp...I was LOSING IT because not only was I the last to eat, but you were holding me up further by serving yourself an ENORMOUS...make that a GINORMOUS (gigantic + enormous) portion.

Anyway, I realize I had an extreme reaction to "normal" buffet-like behavior and I am going to acknowledge my problem. I will work on my FOOD RAGE issues...and possibly see a therapist...or better yet...I'll BLOG about it.


Reyna Maher

Joe's inefficient and at times psychotic pancreas


Lora said...

Shoot... I would be mad too! I hate people with rude buffet manners.

Also, I know they don't like it, but you need to call in support during food time. I told my hubby he needs to help. If nothing else... he could take the seconds shift and you could bolus while you chew :)

It does get easier as they get older. I go with Justin through the line (when I am forced to go buffet style) but he atleast holds his own plate so I can get my food at the same time :)

Meri said...

I am thankful you used the word GINORMOUS. I have been trying to convince my husband for years that that is a word.

This was a LONG standing issue in my life. FOR YEARS! But as the kids get older it somehow has gotten easier. They show me their plate, and count it for me, and they are usually right. If they take more they say, "Mom, I took another serving of potatoes, half the size of my first batch." I don't know...but it will get better.

But I want you to know...I HAVE BEEN THERE!! Oh my gosh! There have been times when I was starving and screaming in my head to move the line along. Hungry moms in stressful situations isn't a pretty picture!

connie said...

I don't think that you are selfish at all for saying that your needs are always put on the back burner and that it bothers you.

I rarely get to sit down and eat a meal with my family, by the time I have checked Miss E and Lil Miss C's blood sugar, calculated carbs, given the girls their shots...and then probably headed back to the kitchen for seconds for somebody, my plate has been sitting at the table getting cold. I know how you feel Reyna, I have put most of my needs last since the first day that Miss E was diagnosed.

Most meals I start to eat when everyone else is just finishing! I think that what makes me sad is that I wish we could all just sit down and eat and not have to do math and nutrition analysis everytime we want a meal.

I probably would have felt like having a food rage too at that buffet line :)

Anonymous said...

I sweat and have little ability to hear anything going on around me at these times. Counting, thinking, measuring, estimating, arranging - the whole deal. I have little clue what is going on around me and YOU ARE SO RIGHT - you get it all done, are ready to finally feed yourself and, seconds are requested!
Thanks for the relatable moment and for always giving me a chuckle with your story telling style!

Jessica said...

Oh girl. I feel you. We just got back from Disney, and like you, I am the carb counter. So I take Liam through, count carbs while everyone else gets theirs, then I head back through to get mine, and by the time I'm back, he usually needs something else, or decided he doesn't like something we bolused for, so off I go again to hunt something else down.
Then everyone is ready to go when I actually start eating my (cold) food. Buffets are the worst.
And Disney SERIOUSLY needs to provide nutrition info. That was such a challenge. All guessing, all the time.
We should go together next time and I'll have your back in the buffet line. :)

Unknown said...

I am, as always, so happy that I have this space to vent and that you guys are there and get it. Thanks.

I have felt like this on and off through the years...but after a full day of Disney...starving...craving those damn fried shrimp...I was a screaming lunatic in my head...wanting that guy to STOP SPOONING ALL THE SHRIMP ON HIS PLATE!!!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

So how were the shrimp? You never said. I hope they were worth the rage! :)

I think it's time for the "honey, we need to talk" line. Definitely delegate!

Peoples' real personalities show in buffet lines, don't they?!

Misty said...

Reyna, so can relate here! Great job telling your story, making me feel like I'm not alone for having these thoughts, and for making me smile:)

Wendy said...

I feel your pain, SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad you were able to swoop in and get back to your table.

When Addy was first dx, there was a HUGE (and I don't mean in numbers) family of 4 occupying 2 tables beside us. Addy was on a strict carb "budget" of 45 for each meal. We had to make her choose between french fries or applesauce for her dinner and she was torn up because she wanted both. (Mind you, she was only 2)

So this other HUGE family were eating as if they hadn't seen food in years -- one child was actually under the table eating scraps and using her fingers to scoop the applesauce into her mouth while sitting on the floor.

I was seething mad. SO MAD that MY child had D that day....watching these ridiculous people feeding like farm animals. I kept wondering why THEY weren't sitting at a table trying to fit 45 carbs into a meal for a diabetic 2 year old.

Anyway, you did great...and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear some other Disney stories (and to see some pictures!!!)