Saturday, June 11, 2011

The One In Which My Hair Accessories Save Joe???

We had a first tonight. It was a bit scary. Nothing that a firm, thicker than average bobby-pin adorned with a glittery red star couldn't take care of.

Joe had a busy week. His week entailed all the usual end-of-the-school-year festivities. Baseball for 2 hours each evening on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A field trip in 90 degree weather with a 3 mile hike on Wednesday. Thursday was Field Day followed by the school Bar-B-Q. Today was the "Closing Day" of baseball.

Joe is grumpy.

Joe refused to eat dinner tonight ... not out of spite, he was just 'not hungry'.

Fine. I decided to basal assess the little troll. He has been running high after dinner for the past few nights and I would love to see what is going on with his underlying rates.

I let him know that we would not be assembling any sort of meal for him at a later point in the evening. He understood.

About an hour later...

Joe was asking for food. Dave and I stood our ground and refused. I don't know if it comes through on Beta Buddies, but Joe is a strong-willed being. I admire this quality. It will serve him well. However, at times, it can be a difficult quality to cultivate and nurture...and tolerate...and deal with... and live with...and co-habitate with.


Joe, angrily and somewhat stomp-ily, headed up to his room. I went to the super-market for some wine and cosmetic products. Dave and Bridget were reading. I was gone for about 45 minutes.

Upon my return I checked in with Bridget. She said something about "Joe's door being locked... been trying to get in....blah...blah...blah" (she has a 'talking issue').


His last number was 80 about an hour or so ago.

I went to his door and attempted to turn the knob. Nothing. It was locked. I knocked, loudly.

No response.

I pounded and yelled a bit ... "Joe!!! Let me in!"

No response.

I called down the stairs for Dave. I needed some "back-up".

Then, I started in with the threats, "Joe Maher if you do not open this door right now there is no TV, no DS, no roller blading, no nothing, I will take away E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in this world that makes your life pleasurable!!!!"

No response.


Dave was then pounding on Joe's door, while I ran to grab my zebra-print bobby pin. I unbent it and straightened it a bit... I ruined it (one of my favorites). I tried slipping it into the key hole. It was too flimsy. Nothing happened. The door remained locked. My thoughts fleet to Joe's window. It is too high for us to reach exteriorly. Out of desperation and the need to 'do something' I pounded on Joe's door. Dave ran into our room and banged on the wall that separates Joe's room from my closet. Our efforts were loud.

No response.

Bridget was watching and asked (no, not even I ... can make this "stuff" up) "where is the cowbell?" I let her know that "this is no time for cowbell".

Dave ran down stairs. For what? I do not know. (a screwdriver, he now tells me)

I ran to my bathroom for my red~glitter~star~bobby~pin. It was firmer than my zebra one. It worked.

The sight when I entered was a sleeping Joe ... sweaty ... drooly ... sleeps~like~the~dead~Joe. It took a couple of minutes to shake and wake him. Dexter read 200 (double up). Real-time BG was 188. Wonderful, I found out why we are having so many post-dinner highs. I crank up his basal by 50% for 2 hours. I went ahead and increased his basal rate from 5pm to 7pm from 0.175units/hour to 0.2units/hour.

Joe was already back to sleep.

Dave, Bridget, and I were somewhat stunned over the antics that occurred during the previous 4 to 5 minute window of time.

A day-in-the-life of caring for someone you love who happens to have Type 1 Diabetes.


sky0138 said...

OMG I would have seriously been having a major panick attack/freak out/meltdown trying to figure out a way into the room. Thank God for the hairpin and your quick thinking Reyna! I am so glad Joe was simply asleep and not low. DOUBLE FRIGGIN UGH!!! HUGS to you my friend!

Colleen said...

Change the doorknob to a non-locking knob.
It's easier than breaking the door...

Sandy said...

Oh boy do I know that scared feeling. I hate when Vince naps hard sometimes and it's hard to wake him up. Panic starts in all the time....another true day in the life I suppose xoxo

Alexis Nicole said...

Holy shit! So scary!! Thank god all is ok.

We removed the luck on the boys door too.

Nicole said...

Cara had done this in a bathroom that we could not get open but she was talking and we knew she was ok!!

How scary!!

More cow bell :) lol got to love that Bridget!! Boy if her and Connor got together they would talk right over to each other.

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Thanks again for another drama-laden post (that might sound bad, but meant to sound good) ... and, my favorite part, which actually made me laugh out loud, was "I went to the super-market for some wine and cosmetic products."

Meagan said...

WOW. This spells out all the scary stuff D makes us deal with. I was panicking just reading this post!

I'm so glad he is okay, thankfully his mom is "Badass" (Honey Badger Reference!) enough to get through ANY locked door to rescue him.

Hallie Addington said...

"This is no time for cow bell". Could be one of my all time favorite quotes!

Good grief!! Does it ever end? I know your panic. Know it. Know it all too well.

(((hugs))) from Mama to a strong willed but very cute CWD to another!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Holy Cowbell, Reyna! (sorry, couldn't resist! that Bridget thought it would help!!)
Bean is a super hard sleeper, too, but I don't know if she would have slept through all of that...though it wouldn't surprise me either!
So glad all was well and that the basal assessment provided some helpful information...though a much easier route would have been preferred, I'm sure!
Hope you enjoyed your wine! ;)

Jonah said...

I stopped sleeping with my door locked after diagnosis, which I didn't like- it doesn't FEEL safer.

Your title reminded me of something funny at work- I use a hair braider to tie the fringes on our baby blankets and shawls and stuff.

Cindy said...

Wow! Scary, scary stuff! So glad you guys got in! And happy to provide you with a good laugh prior to the drama! Lily locks the bathroom door when she goes potty now. It freaks me out and I'm trying to break her of the habit now. Amazing how such a simple thing can be life-threatening in the wrong circumstances!

Denise said...

Without D, this would have just been frustrating. Amazing what a scary place our minds can take us because of the reality of what could be. So glad he was just wiped out and asleep. Bet you were glad you had bought some wine after that episode!!

Anonymous said...

You tell Bridget that I Sara Fincham think the cow bell would have worked! Ha! Ellie in the tub. EVERY SINGLE TIME! If I have no back up I put both kids in the tub and then I have to take Jack out to dress him. I always check her blood sugar on dexter or finger, then tell Ellie no underwater "practice" (her term) and then leave to dress Jack and throw him in the crib. I'll holler up to her midway through this process to make sure she's still with us...half the time she won't, flat REFUSES to answer me. I can just see her in there with the little crappy smirk on her face waiting for me to come barreling in the bathroom with a mental picture of her floating in the tub...UGH! Makes me nuts! She knows it too. If I can't barrel up or I'm 99% sure she isn't low, I yell the same string of punishments for non-verbal response to her! LOLOLO "You answer me or you'll lose ALL gum for a week, ALL tv, ALL ice cream cones...blah blah blah! Thanks for reminding me about the locked door issue though. She isn't locking doors too often yet, but she has definite potential, both innocently locking and not so innocent locking!5 years old is going to be a challenge with Ellie! Glad he is ok, and hope you all recover ok! =) loves and ((hugs))

Michelle said...

Scary stuff! He must have been completely exhausted to have slept through all of that. And can I just say that Bridget cracks me up...although perhaps the cow bell might have worked, lol! Glad the hair pin worked and he was just asleep! Hope the adrenaline rush (I'm assuming kicked in for you) has subsided by now.

Joanne said...

Elise got locked in somewhere TWICE in Portugal with insulin active in her system... friggin' Portuguese locks.

I don't blame you for being scared. Glad it all turned out okay

Holly said...

Ohmygosh-I would've freaked out!! That is a no-no! Privacy with your diabetes? Sorry, out of the question-we have to know you're alive!!
Hope that wine is coming in handy! ; ) You deserve it now!! Hugs!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Holy crap! What a scare! I was scared just reading this post, wondering how it was going to turn out! That is something Jack would do...Or rather, I should say, that is something Jack has done. He, too, is stubborn, and when he gets mad, he retreats to his room and locks his door. Gregg and I have debated removing the lock and we have asked that he never lock his door, explaining the importance of accessibility. Any way...I was so relieved that Joe was just sleeping! I'd be tired too if my week had been that busy. That's probably why he was so grumpy. Sorry you lost your cute bobby pins. The things we sacrifice for our kids, huh?!

Sounds as though you could use a glass of that wine you bought tonight!

Trev said...

Geez, you totally had me freaking out just reading about the not getting the door open! Scary shit this D can be sometimes.
Glad the lil dude is ok

Renata said...

Your addition at the end says it all doesn't it? We went through the same thing with Kelsey except being the brute that I am I put my foot through the door to open it up. (yeah, we won't talk about how pissed I was at myself afterwards) And all she was doing was sitting there "trying to prove a point". That evening did not end well...not at all.
I hate the assumptions we have to leap to as D parents. It sucks...but you know what?? The first time, THE FIRST TIME you ignore something...that will be the time your fears come true.
Glad he was just sleeping Reyna!!

tara said...

Holy crap! And seriuosly bummed about the zebra bobby pin, i love that one.

Nikki said...

Wow. Scary. We were just talking about the reality of one day not getting a response. Shiver.
I at a loss of words concerning D and comfort. So I will use my back up plan. Wit. Now that some hours have passed.. Are you surprised that Bridge thought of the cowbell? I am not. She is just like you. Oh, boy how do I love the two of you dispite my disdain for the damn cowbell in my ear.
Bummer about the bobby pins.

Penny said...

Good girl going all MacGyver there! Glad everything was ok. The Honey Badger scares me.

shannon said...

Holy crap Reyna, I was holding my breath the whole time reading this!! The feeling of desperation was palpable, even though it was dotted with funny moments like the cowbell one.


Jen said...

OMG! My heart is STILL pounding after reading this!!! D throws a whole new level of scary on top of these kind of situations. I am so glad everything ended up ok.

I love that Bridget wanted to get the cowbell! I think that will make me laugh all day!!

Amy Lederer said...

Wow. Just wow. I was almost in a panicked sweat reading it, I cannot imagine LIVING it. So sorry for your surge of fear and all that went along with it. So thankful he was just sleeping. I have two that "sleep like the dead" and Ryan IS one of them. I resent it at times and am so freakin' jealous of it at others. Sorry for the broken bobbies. But I am so thankful Joe is okay. Have you calmed your nerves yet? Love and (((hugs)))

Tracy1918 said...

Yikes! I'm so glad Joe was okay. That is scary!

I have a question. You said you cranked up his basal by 50% for 2 hours. Did you also do a correction?

I need to learn more about when and how to use the temp basal feature. I have never used it to correct.

Any tips are welcome! ; )

Unknown said...

I would have been just as panicked. HOLY MAC!!!!!!!!!

So glad to hear he was just snoozing.......this made my heart race, my friend.

Love you.