Saturday, September 29, 2012

Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate

60 minutes or so...ago...

Driving back across town to buy a 564xl black cartridge for our printer.  Gotta have Code of Conduct printed and signed and Medical Form printed and completed by 3:30pm today.

...for Joe's hockey tryouts.

While driving, I am on the phone "directing " Dave, who is manning Joe.

"Feed him something now.  I don't want to go into tryouts with IOB if we can avoid it."  I've said it once and I'll say it again...never, never, never underestimate the power of IOB.

You see, I am nervous.  I don't wanna let Joe down.  A low or serious high can effect Joe's well being and subsequently his performance. I want to make his blood sugars be a non-issue today, tomorrow, and Monday (his three days of tryouts).

My favorite song these "Kill Your Heroes"...I love the part that goes "never let your fear decide your fate"... Gets me pumped up and rings so true.

A day-in-the-life of fretting over my pancreating abilities for my son Joe.


Sara said...

That's an awesome song - and video. I had never heard it before and now I want to play it all day!

Kelly said...

I can imagine the stress of getting it right for tryouts! Yikes! I agree IOB is scary with activity level especially! I hope with all my heart D allows joe to play to his best ability today....My non D plays competitive vball so when I saw a girl on the opposing team with a pump I just had to chat with the mom and tell her bravo for managing D courtside! Its a major challenge, but you got this Reyna!

NikDuck said...

Wow, never heard that song, but love it!! Love the quote about fear too! Hope Joe had an awesome tryout!

Kelly said...

Will be thinking of you all over the next couple of days in hopes that tryouts are everything Joe wants and needs them to be! Never let your fear decide your fate...pretty awesome words to live by. xoxo

sky0138 said...

Freakin LOVE this song!!!