Friday, August 2, 2013

Patient Portuguese Pancreas Princess

There may be a little spittle on your screen if ya try to say the title out loud.  Truth, I am Portuguese (half, from my father's side).  Truth, Joe's misguided T-cells forced me into performing as an exogenous pancreas.  False, I am not patient.  And I am actually a "queen" not a "princess"...well, my name means "queen" in Spanish.

Sorry for the jibber-jabber.

This morning at 6:30ish...

"Is Joe up..."  (my less~than~subtle way of knowing he is alive)

"They are both still asleep." 

"Check Joe's number, the basal increase .. he was 127." (@ the 2am check)

Yesterday morning, I had logged Joe's numbers and noticed he had a consistent climb of about 50 points from the 2am check to the 7am check.  I think he is growing.  He is constantly eating bacon (don't ask).  I tweaked his basal from 2:30am to 6am.  I had to do the every-other-hour-thingy with the Omnipod.  I was not just gonna crank him up by 0.05 units for that length of time, because 0.05 is like 1/7 of 0.35 (what is that? like a 14% increase) ... with the Ping, I would have just cranked that bad boy up by 0.025u/hr, oh well.

Last night was my night to do the night check.  Dave and I usually rotate night checks.  He does the 2am check for two nights.  I do the 2am check for two nights...and so-on and so-forth.  We have been doing this system for a good year now.  Alternating every other night did not seem to let us fall back into the "habit" of sleeping through the night.  I have thought of a three night alternating schedule, but I fear the overwhelmingness of the the thought of three nights in a row of 2am alarms is psychologically detrimental and destructive to the checker-person. 


When I do the night checks, I wake-up early.  I set my alarm for 2am, but many times I wake-up at like 12:03 or 12:49 or 12:55.  And.  I just check Joe then.  And.  Yes, technically this is cheating my system that I so braggity McBragger-pantsed on my blog just a couple of days ago.

Last night...

I did it again.  I woke up at midnight.  I knew that I needed to wait til 2am.  I needed to get a good glimpse of Joe's numbers at appropriate intervals surrounding the basal changes.  So, back to bed I went til the 2am alarm.

What was he at 6:30am you may or may not be asking???  128.

A horizontal Portuguese Pancreas Princess raised her arm from her bed for a zestful celebratory pump, when Dave relayed the number.

A day~in~the~life of night time basal tweakage.


Lora said...

two snaps, a double fist bump and a holla!!!

Now if only I could have that same luck

katy said...


Sandy said...

Thats great!! Sounds like your system is working!!

Sarah said...


Liz said...

So fist pump worthy!!! You are a machine when it comes to being an exogenous pancreas!

Kristin said...

Brilliant title! And - way to go, PPPP!
We miss the .025 basal increments, too - end up doing crazy half-hour alternating increments to get there.