Saturday, October 31, 2015

#Children with Diabetes Halloween Problems

"Mom!  I need help with getting the share phone won't work with the Morph Suit!"  Joe then drummed his red, fabric covered fingers on the counter, to solidify his point.

Joe - as Obama in a red Morph Suit (Halloween 2015)

It's the first year I have not gone with him to trick-or-treat.

Let me explain something to you.  Trick-or-treating is a form of sport to Joe.  He did not want to go with a big group of friends for fear the candy-hander-outers would not give him as much candy if he was associated with a large group.  He also declined an invitation to go with a friend, who is a girl, who is dressing up as a "hot dog", due to the perception the costume would hold back her door-to-door speed.

You know what all of this means, Joe is gonna be out there running door-to-door, in the dark, in a red morph suit, with an Obama mask on, driving his blood sugar down.

Thank goodness for the candy, the Dexcom, and the share.

Not sure the share is gonna do anything but make me stroke out.

He was 86 (diagonal down) before he left...

Don't worry.  He drank 15 grams CHO of apple cider and ate 3 fun-sized Nestle Crunches before he left.

A spooooooky day-in-the-life.


Unknown said...

He's home! BG = 104. Eating 15 grams of 30 for Free!

Colleen said...

Yay, Joe!

katy said...

Home at 104! Amaze.

I didn't watch Share, but I did watch the progress through the neighborhood on Find my iPhone. I was pretty eager for my one to come back home!

Unknown said...

I bet!