Saturday, May 28, 2016

Life Support Fad

 A fad or trend or craze is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, a generation or social group and which impulse is followed enthusiastically by a group of people for a finite period of time.

More on track ...

I don't think about it much.  They are a part of him; his CGM and his pump.  When I see him, I see Joe.  The devices are a seamless blur on the backs of his arms.  They help keep him safe; alive.

I remember when he was three.  I remember when the choice was made to start him on the pump.  It was a mere three months after his diagnosis; maybe not even that long.  I struggled with that decision.  Between the meals and the snacks, between the needles and the blood, and between the monitoring and the carb counting... he looked typical.  There was nothing "visible" about the disease.  There were no reminders that he had a chronic condition.  He looked like his peers. Adding technology, adding devices changed that.

Joe has never felt the need to hide his diabetes.  He wears his pump and CGM where people may see them.  Sure he gets questions. Usually, he responds to them.  Sometimes, if he is focused on something else, he may divert the conversation elsewhere. 

Last week, while we were at the track meet where Joe learned about kidney-pancreas transplants...

I was timing with a group of parents.  Joe came over to me, to my purse, for money.  As he walked away, a parent commented on the "new fad".

Timing Lady: "What is this new fad?"

Me:  "What?"

I followed her line of vision, she was watching Joe walk away from us.

Timing Lady:  "I've seen a lot of kids wearing those, what are they?  ... on the back of his arms?"

Me:  "OH."  I then saw what she saw.  "My son is a diabetic.  That is his insulin pump and a continuous glucometer."

Timing Lady:  "I thought it was some new kind of accessory the kids were wearing on their arms."

Nah,  just life support.

The "craze" of sporting some life support in his day-in-the-life.

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Anonymous said...

This is the diabetes tech version of Rainbow Loom fad :)