Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hockey, Nordic Skiing, And An All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet

Well, fuck-stix (and "no" I don't know what a "fuck-stick" is...I just use the word sometimes...and actually, now that I typed it, I am afraid that some definitions are coming to mind and eww)!

Of course, he wants to skate.

I mean...

It is 6pm. He only played hockey for over two hours this morning. He only cross country skied for another 2 hours, or so. And. He just ate at an all you can eat Chinese Buffet for the love of God!

Yep...Let him skate (in "let him eat cake" kind of exuberant, exasperated mom-like voice)!!!!!

A snippet of our day via blood glucose levels, carbs, and activity is as follows:

5:17 am: BG 160 (Dexter is smooth at 151) ~ Joe wakes.

8:22 am: BG 156 (Dexter is smooth at a 160) ~ Holy "Great Basals Batman!" Joe eats a 32 carb gram breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios (22 carb grams), 1/2 cup of milk (6 carb grams), and 2 Gummi Vitamins (4 carb grams). Do you find that even the vitamins taken into consideration in the carb counts is a little disturbing?

9:11 am: BG 323 (No Dexter...Joe hates the "feel" of Dexter in his hockey pants) ~ "Go to hell Breakfast spike...oh wait, please stay...I love are a decent number for Joe to go into F-O-U-R hockey games with...MUAH...Muah...muah!" I do nothing with this number as Joe will skater 'er down. I did decrease his basal by 50% for 2 hours starting NOW.

10:14 am: BG 234 ~ End of game #1. I do nothing.

10:45 am: BG 148 ~ End of game #2. I do something...I pelt him with a Lindt truffle (5g) and a glucose tab (4g)

11:21 am: BG 86 ~ End of game #3. Ok, one more Lindt and a glucose tablet coming at you "Mother Bird Style Joe!"

11:57 am: BG 156 ~End of game #4. Joe thought he was low. I think he was just tired.

12:18 pm: BG 193 (Dexter is diagonal up at a 173) ~ Pre-lunch. We are now planning on going to a Winter Extravaganza organized by the PTO at Joe's school. There will be sledding, nordic skiing, fort building, snow shoeing, snow soccer, etc at this event. We decided to feed Joe the ... dunh..dunhhhh...dunnnnnnhhhh....the dreaded "blood sugar buster" Costco Pre-assembled Hamburger (37 carb grams). This little fucker causes Joe to hit the 300s about 2 hours after it hits his gullet. Dave and I thought this "bad boy" would help us "power through". A 50% basal reduction is initiated for four hours of duration for the Winter Extravaganza.

2:40 pm: BG 121 (Dexter is 151 double downing)~ After a good 40 minutes of Nordic skiing. 12 grams of fast acting carb is given. "Dexter" is still "double downing" (this means a rapid blood sugar drop) on us. I proceed as a full service beverage station (down to the holding of the beverage to his lips as he skis) and follow Joe around the course allowing him to sip freely on 50 carb grams worth of hot cocoa. Joe skied up hills. Joe skied down hills. Joe traversed the field several times. Joe looked like a human pretzel as he tried to climb snow boulders wearing the skis. Joe has a new "activity" to add to his repertoire.

*Pause *

(eyes rolling into the back of my head viewing gray matter as my fingers tap on the keyboard here)

4:04 pm: BG 196 (Dexter is 180 with a diagonal up)~ Let's just throw a Chinese Buffet in the mix for shits and giggles at this point. Ah ... yeah, we took him to an all you can eat Chinese Buffet people. Seriously, who in their right mind does this nonsense? He ate meat-like products, crab legs, butter, oranges, and a small ice cream cone. I cannot remember what I bolused him for here. There was a 50%/50% combo over 2 hours "going down" for the ice cream. Oh and I also bolused for an extra 25grams of carb for the hot cocoa given over the previous hour during Joe's ski expedition (I have found that I need to compensate, after the fact, for a portion of the free carbs given during an activity...this took me awhile to figure out).

5:34 pm: BG 89 (Dexter is smooth at a 102)~ Joe wants to lay the "smack down" on his mama on the rink. OK, combo bolus is now being cancelled. 12 grams of "free" carb is given.

6 pm: BG 100 ~ Oh...I.HOPE.THIS.GOES.WELL. I have never had Joe skate after a Chinese Buffet, as he has never had a Chinese Buffet!

6:37 pm: BG 64 (Dexter is 80 with a diagonal down) ~ Joe is laying on the ice, just for a couple of minutes though. After 16 grams of glucose tabs he is stick handling to victory...with Bridget as his team-mate.

7:08 pm: BG 125 ~ Night Joe! For as hard as Joe plays, he sleeps equally with as much vigor!

9:12 pm: BG 151 (Dexter with a 171 diagonal up) ~ A correction is given and I bolus for half of the carbs given on the backyard rink, essentially 8 grams are covered.

A great day indeed!!!

I am now on my knees praying to the Blood Sugar GODs Of The Night for euglycemic bliss.

A day-in-the-life of our day-in-the-life with Joe, who happens to have type 1 diabetes.


Penny said...

My God, both Joe and you moas me so VERY tired! You rocked the buffet and who in their right mind DOES go to those things??!!! You are a superior Mama pancreas and I bow in your presence /\o (that's me bowing, or doing downward dog, I'm not sure)

Denise said...

You ROCKED the day!!
And WOW, I wish my Dex was as accurate as yours... today Bryce laid on the ground and said "I feel LooooowwW", Dex said 218 single arrow down...he was 68. ERGH!

Stephanie said...

Girlfriend...I'm exhausted just READING all that!! What a day. You rocked it, though. I hope I am as good a mama-pancreas as you are someday. :)

Joanne said...

crap-on-a-stick I am exhausted just reading that. You are one busy pancreas!

Alexis Nicole said...

Youre fucking awesome!!! And u taught me something! Bolus for the carbs given for activity!! Can you please email how and when u do this?? We have almost mastered jaws.


Kelly said...

UGH. I must say, Maddison isnt as active as Joe...and I think that keeps me sane!!! YOWSA!! Thats alot of work!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love these days! Every once and awhile I'll have a day with Ellie that requires some D skill (not as often or long as yours are...she IS a 4 year old girl after all!) and when it goes smooth like yours did...ahhh, it just makes you smile! I ALWAYS over bolus at a butt-fet (what I call them) it irritates the hell out of me, but hey what can I say?! Nice job momma and happy night-night!!! ((hugs))

Cindy said...

Oh, I think I need a nap after reading that! Wow, Reyna! Joe is one crazy-busy boy! Look on the bright side though...with that kind of activity and joy for life, the two of you will never be able to age! He moves at the speed of light!

Okay, Chinese buffets....breaded chunks of chicken soaking in sugary, tangy sauces. My husband LOVES that stuff! My blood sugars, not so much! It's a good thing our favorite Chinese place from back in the day closed down years ago. It's less than a mile from where we bought our house! I'd be in so much trouble!

Cindy said...

Oh, and totally sending you some big love!

Jonah said...

Sounds good!

Nikki said...

It was so awesome to see Joe take to skiing like that! I think both kids have a lot of you in them.
Fuck Stix? I dont believe I have heard you utter that dirty word... But I like it.
Shits and giggles-hate to say it but that is something my Dad always says.

meanderings said...

Just got up and am reading this... I may have to go take a nap, just reading it was tiring. I don't know how you keep up with Joe, but I'm impressed.

Amy@Diapeepees said...

I read this and can't believe your energy. If I go out one place, one time with the kids, I'm done. Off to Mass soon. Now that's a work out. Five kids in a pew. Many of them loud. In and out, in and out, of the church. And, today packs an extra punch when we go to the pancake breakfast afterwards and juggle 7 plates.

Heidi =) said...

Awesome job! I think you do the pancreatic work in one day that I do in a week or more. You rock! <3

Hallie Addington said...

Good Hell, woman! The child of yours is amazing! And so are you!! We have yet to need to add activity carbs as Sweets keeps her normal activity level throughout the day. I am not looking forward to her adding to that! But you, my sweet friend, are an incredible kick ass pancreas!

Andrea said...

Holy crap....I am exhausted (and very impressed) just reading this!! Great job! I so miss Cale being on the pump after reading this!! Damn allergic reactions!!! :(

Jen said...

Wow and WOW! You are an amazing mama pancreas! I think you should go over to SUM btw and add the term "mother birding' to the D dictionary. That is a really good one!

I loved seeing how you utilized Dexter throughout the day. I have a feeling that when we get ours permanently it will take me a while to get the hang of it!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I bow to your pancreatic prowess. :)

Amy said...

5:17am Joe wakes? THIS is the part I would break out the f'bombs. That is still nighttime in my book.

10:45am - Over here (waving widely) over here! Pelt ME with a truffle!!!!

11:57am - I'd be crashed on the floor. You go with your badass self, Joe!

12:18am - I am coming over. A school event with cross-country skiing? Snow Soccer? Snow much fun!

2:40pm - you are following Joe with hot cocoa to sip as he skis? Skip the above. YOU are the badass ;)

5:34pm - That is a lot of time spent on cold surfaces. Aren't you people FREEZING yet? Now he wants MORE???

7:08pm - Yeah buddy . . . Sleep tight boy wonder. Mama needs a Hot Toddy

"I am now on my knees praying to the Blood Sugar GODs Of The Night for euglycemic bliss" - Oh no Miss Portuguese Pancreatic Princess . . . . We bow to YOU.

"I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy . . . . "

Jules said...

Awesome read. Precisely what you do allows your son to be a fabulous athletic kid xx

Misty said...

Reyna, seriously, you have to stop writing this stuff! I feel so inadequate as a pancreas after reading this. (just hearing your stories:) YOU ARE AMAZING, Mama Pancreas!!!

And are cracking me up with your comment here :)~

Trev said...

Once again you totally Rock!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG'sh, Reyna, I haven't read the whole post yet, but I LOLed at the Gummie Vitamins (VitaGummies). Every morning, Ryan adds four carbs to his total breakfast count too! Just thought it was funny. Now, I'll go back read the rest!