Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah...9-1-1...Q&A Session With Joe

Good, the correction is kicking in. "Dexter" just showed a "175 smooth".

It is 4:30 am. I have been up since 2:30. Joe was high (blood sugar was 231), not "correctable~night ~ high." I usually only correct for blood sugars over 250 during the night out of fear of lows. This is a special night though. I did not want him to wake-up high and have "correction~insulin" on board along with his breakfast insulin as he starts his first day of Hockey Camp.



I was shaking my head a bit, in disbelief, at myself, dressed in black yoga pants, a long sleeve shirt, with a jacket tied around my waist. I was sweating. It was 90 degrees. I was driving Joe to a rink.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw Joe peering down at his phone; thinking about camp I assumed. He then started pelting me with questions. "So, I call you first?" "What if your phone is off?" "What if someone makes you turn it off?" "Then I call dad?" "What if his phone is off" "Then I call 9-1-1?"

*Oh FUdGe-sickles*

My responses were as follows ... "Yep, call me first... but really Joe, I am gonna be there with you most of the time." ... "My phone won't be off. It never is when you are not with me." ..."No one can make me turn off my phone...nope, no one ... " (I would go all D' Mama Honey Badger on them if they gave me any guff) "Nope not even a policeman could make me turn it off." "Yep, dad." ... "I'll tell dad to keep his phone on this week."

Then to address the 9-1-1 question. Oy.

"Ah Joe, the 9-1-1 is on your phone to remind coaches or teachers or friends to call for emergency assistance in case you are unable to help yourself with your diabetes."

Joe replied "Well should I call them if I cannot get a hold of you or dad?"

Clearly my vague response above isn't gonna cut it. I am not one to mince words and have been open and honest with Joe about Type 1, so why am I struggling here?

"Joe please...please...please (insert a silent "For The LOVE of GOD" and a up~to~the~right~sideways heavily mascara'd fringed eyeball roll here) DO.NOT.CALL 9-1-1 if you cannot get a hold of mom or dad while you are at camp."

Joe then asked "Well when would my coaches need to call them?"

"Well Joe, they may need to call them if you went so low that you could not help yourself ... like if you went unconscious or had a seizure. The chances of that happening are rare Joe. But, we have to be prepared in case. Right?"

*please say "right"...please say "right"...please say "right" ... and drop this uncomfortable topic*

Joe then has the notion that 9-1-1 could 'help him' with bolusing if he cannot reach me. "Ah, Joe... (where to even begin)... 9-1-1 will not know the first thing about bolusing you. They can save you in life or death emergencies, but please, please, please do not call them for help with bolusing or carb counting. Trust me on this."

A day-in-the-life of hoping Joe doesn't call 9-1-1 for Diabetes Management instructions.

Check out the awesome Camp Tips from the DOC here.


Colleen said...

I think... I hope... that once you and Joe get through this first day that Joe will feel very confident and ready to enjoy camp.
You'll be in my thoughts.
Can you take a pillow and nap while you're watching??

Cherished Children said...


Cherished Children said...


Sandy said...

Reyna! Now you are the one up at 230 in the morning! Can't we get a break?! Lol good luck today and this week! Xoxo

Meagan said...

Such a cute video...Look at Joe go!!!

Yes, it is still less offensive in caps...LOL!

It's funny, I used to be a 911 Dispatcher, and I totally could've helped him with D questions if he'd weird is that?!?!? Of course it is pretty impossible a fellow D would pick up. Fingers crossed for you that all goes well and that he has FUN!!! :)

NikDuck said...

Oh boy....I will be thinking of you and Joe today and praying that all goes well and that there is NO need to call 911 by anyone today! I don't know why but that video of him skating around the rink just makes me tear up. Natalie is younger and fully reliant on me with her D care so I would be tempted to not do any camp because of fear. But when I see your awesome little skater I think how he has every right to attend this hockey camp with D and all and enjoy it without any fears and worries as the other kids without D are able to. I SO want this to all work out for you both!

Leigh said...

I woke up thinking about Joe and his camp this morning! I hope he has a great time and that everything goes GREAT!! ;) You are a rock star and you totally have this!!

Nicole said...

911: Hello 911 what is your emergency?

Joe: Hi, my mom & dad are not answering their phones.

could you imagine!!

He could be on one of those shows, funny 911 calls ;) lol Just joking with you. It is funny how kids think sometimes.

make sure to take a are NOT A ROBOT and you need sleep!!

Becky V said...

Hopefully 911 will be more understanding of an 8 y/o Type 1 calling for help with his insulin because he can't get a hold of his mom or dad, than if he called because his fast food order is wrong - or some of these others. :)

Here's to a great first day of CAMP!

Cindy said...

You and Joe are awesome, Reyna! I bet he does a great job today. And think how much that'll build his confidence! You're one amazing mama for letting him try this! Can't wait to hear how the day goes!

Lora said...

At least he asked first, right?!?! The 911 operator would be like "what the FUUUUHHHK?" (definitely still less offensive even if in caps) - for serious!

You guys are going to do great. Joe could not have asked for more preparation that his awesome honey badger mama has given him.

Have fun at the rink and enjoy lunch with Bridget :)

Hallie Addington said...

That kid is AWESOME!!!! Wouldn't it be nice if they DID know? Or there WAS a number to call for help??? You've got this sister! Rock on!!

Unknown said...

Watch out NHL!!!! Joe's-a-comin'!!

I was wondering why you were up at such an hour last night. Oy.

So proud of you, Mama. I know you're ready...and HE IS TOO!

It's going to be awesome. Can't wait to hear the grit!!!!

sky0138 said...

LOVE the the hands on the hips part at the end..lolol. Sending all my good vibes your way today my friend!

Joel said...

Great skater! You know about the #9 and hockey right? All the greats have worn #9. Bobby Hull, Gordie Howie, me (jk), "The great one", Gretzky, was two 9's #99.

You need a certain something to wear that # and Joe seems to have that in spades.

Sysy said...

wow he skates so fast! and with great form! Anyway, lol...he sounds like the type that will be well on top of his stuff I can tell ya that...:) I have nothing else to say but I wish you guys the best this week! Hope everything goes really smoothly!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

I have to laugh everytime I see joe giving all his might! What a challenge to keep up with! Hope today goes smoothly.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

I was laughing so much that Ubergeek made me read this out loud to him, and then he was laughing, too! ;) Love the way you write these things!!
Ah, the fuuuhhhking things kids say! (yep, going with the still not as offensive!)
Love the logic...and it totally makes sense to his brain...but sooo not what it's there for!
Hoping your day went should be close to over by now.
Looking forward to a great report!! But secretly hoping for an eye rolling, honey badger incident so I can laugh some more! ;)

Alexis Nicole said...

Wow what a skater!!

I've had this convo too. So uncomfortable is right. Came with the glucagon one.

You did fabulous as I knew you would!

Alissa @ Juvenile Diabetes said...

Brilliant! I love how your tell stories so well... it's like I can actually visualise the conversation between you, and it always makes me smile because it's so tru to real life :)

Holly said...

Girl. I was up till 1:30a, then back up at 3a, and couldn't sleep! I wish I'd known, and we could've chatted. ; ) I was afraid for the SAME reason!
I changed MC's site last night, and was so afraid she'd crash after a correction! She was 127 when I put it on, but went up to 325....aaaahhhhh!! No Sleep. Hoping to make it up tonight. : ( Hope you do too! ps-How'd it go today? Dying to know! Love you!

Amy said...

Okay . . . so you know I like to be a little, um, snarky? in my commenting. Take it with a shot of Vodka.

My interpretation of a 911 call with Joe (lisping because I adore little boys who lisp. My favorite boy on the planet, other than my son, lisps and I love it)

911: "911 what is your emergency?"

Joe: "Um, my mom and dad won't anther the phone and I need some help."

911: "is this an emergency?"

Joe: "yeth. I need you to THWAG a boluth for a bowl of thpeghetti"

911: "I'm sorry. Did you say somebody stole your spaghetti?"

Joe: "Nooooooooo. (eyes rolling into the back of his skull) I need to know how to doth."

911: "Um, you need to know what to do with your tooth? Young man, I think you need to hang up and find a responsible adult."

Joe: "But I don't want to be high and I wont be able to hit the thstick if I am high!"

911: "Are you under the influence, sir?"

Joe: "I thaid, I don't want to be high tho I need to doth"

911: "We will send an ambulance right over."

Joe: "Aaaawwwwwwww thuck. Mom is going to be pithed."

See! I set the bar so low for his first day taht it couldn't have been worse than that, right?!

Are ya drunk yet? ;) LOVE YOU!!!!!

Renata said...

God Love him. Sounds to me like he just wanted to see if he REALLY had a direct line to the police showing up. Can't wait to read that blog post.

I am still here, I promise. Just really struggling with my new schedule. But a day does not go by without my thinking of you and your family.

Sarah said...

oh my Reyna could you imagine? Could you hear him calling and trying to explain that he's at hockey camp, his mom wrote 911 on his phone and said to call and...oh, is it bad that this made me truly laugh out loud.
Can't wait to hear how camp 911 calls and all:)

Misty said...

Reyna, I've been so busy missing Ally that I didn't realize Joe's camp was this week too! Good Luck Joe!! I KNOW you both will do great...and I'll cross my fingers that he doesn't call 911 for bolusing help :) What a great kid!

Joanne said...

Awww, look at him go!

Love the way his mind works, that conversation was priceless!

Valerie said...

He is fast on those skates! Good luck to him AND you. :) He seems like such a sweet kid...what a tough convo to have, but you are helping him to be better prepared for these kind of experiences.