Monday, September 10, 2012

No Boluses

Last night...

In our kitchen...after dinner...Joe with a smidge of a smudge of Ranch Dressing on his cute chin...

Somewhat outta the blue...

Joe:  "So I would die without Insulin?"

Me:  "Yeah...not immediately ... but eventually..."

* (uhhh ... ...  would it take days?  weeks?  I hope he doesn't ask.. please don't ask...please don't ask) *

Joe:  "So, before Insulin was invented people with Type 1 Diabetes died?"

* (thank you ... ... not asking... not asking) *

Me:  "Yes, they would."

* (I will not go into the uplifting "Death By Starvation, Dehydration, and Acid-ation" talk right now) *

Joe:  "Gosh, I just want Diabetes to be CURED."

Me:  "Can you even begin to imagine? A CURE?"

Joe:  With eyes wide and a smile tweaking his lips "No boluses, only checking!!"

It is here where my heart broke a bit.  I am not sure if it is the way his face lit up when he said it or if it was the fact that taking away just one portion of the care was a CURE to Joe. 

Conversations with Joe during our day-in-the-life of living with Type 1 Diabetes.


katy said...

I love this boy.

Kelly said...

That picture makes me smile but the conversation makes me tear up...wish no one had to have converations like these. xoxo

Colleen said...

Still made me smile!
But don't you have any photos with ranch dressing stuck to his face?
Oh yum, s'mores!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

every little bit that can be 'taken away' is wonderful, but I, too want a evrything-D-gone type of cure!!

Sara said...

Colleen - why would you want a ranch dressing picture when you can have a gooey smore picture?!

My brother made me one when we were camping this summer with a peanut butter cup instead of a chocolate bar. Changed my life!

Unknown said...

We did pb cups this summer too. Yummy!

And... I was hoping my "readers" would think the marshmallow was ranch. I think I just insulted the whole lot of ya.

NikDuck said...

Well gosh darn it, the things they say!! It really pulls at the heart strings. I'm so wanting a s'more now too. Thanks for the comment on my blog...DUCKS in a are funny!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing this Reyna. It's tough to hear some of those thoughts, but you and Joe have a way of making me smile through the toughest of them.

shannon said...