Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank You Phone Caller Friend. Community.

You can thank the letters "W" and "M" for the following post.  I have been up.  I have been up at 1:40 correcting a 300.  I have been up at 4:15 making sure the correction worked or that it didn't induce coma.  And I am now...just up..because who can sleep with all these ups and downs.  I wonder how Joe's body feels while it is "W"-ing and "M"-ing?  And I swear that right before the "W" there is like a finger pointing at I did something wrong.


Phone call the other day after school.

Me: "Hello?" (newish phone, didn't have friend in my contacts yet, hence the "?")

Phone Caller Friend:  "Hey...we just saw Joe pushing his bike up Brickyard (a street)...he looked a little .. tired.  Does he have a phone or something?  ... Just thought you would want a heads-up..."  Now I am pretty sure she was calling to give me a diabetes "heads-up", but maybe it was a normal "heads-up" call.  My mind almost always goes to "diabetes" where Joe is concerned.

Me:  "Thank you so much.  I just checked his number at school.  It was in a good range for him to ride home.  He is walking because ... bike is a BMX bike ... no gears (by the way, let me insert here ... a total blood sugar buster).  Please always feel free to call if something looks off.  There may be times Joe could use some help."

A village.  Did I ever tell you that I actually do live in a village.  Essex Junction is a village.  A village, by definition is a community smaller than a town.  I think the term "It takes a village"  really hinges on the "community" part of the "village" definition.  Community:  A group or society helping one another. 


This year, after school is going to be a bit different.  Joe will bike home and go to after school activities.  I reflected this on his daily log; the piece of paper with carb counts and instructions that accompanies Joe to school daily via Woodchuck.  I have added a "sugar sliding scale" of sorts to boost him according to his 2:45pm number. 

Presenting the 2012 "LOG"

Here is the blown up part of the "sugar sliding scale" instructions.  I also like to use it for P.E. Days.

Community in our day-in-the-life of looking out for Joe.


Kelly said...

NICE! What a plan! Heck, I wing it half the time! More of us need a village like yours...Im happy you have the villagers to watch after that crazy active boy of yours! If anyone needs it, it would be going, going JOE!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love how you make sure Joe can have the independence while making sure his numbers are in safe place.
And how there are helpful eyes watching...such a wonderful community!

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Kris said...

You are awesome. Your village is awesome. All of it, just awesome. And I love the log and the sliding scale! Great ideas! If you don't mind, I may borrow these to give to our (2 billionth) new school nurse ;)

Kelly said...

It is so nice to know that the village is looking after your babie! xoxo

sky0138 said...

W's and M's suck....:o( glad to hear that you have a village to help you all out too though!

Sarah said...

I love how detailed you are and that you know your child is in hands so competent to follow your detailed directions. And still, so thankful Isaac is 4...I am still so not ready for all that!

shannon said...

i love that your family has this village. :)

Sara said...

Peanut butter Oreos are my new favorite snack :)

Has Joe tries those?

Unknown said...

No! I didn't know about those . Gonna get some for him to try. He loves boosting with Oreos because they are quick. He loves PB ...eats it for break and lunch ... Sounds like a win-win. :)