Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Even While Running A 1/2 Marathon

I checked his blood sugar, fed him, and bolused him.  I then set the stove clock to alarm in two hours to remind him to do a blood sugar check.  He was to call me with the resulting number...

The Marimba (iPhone default ringtone) started-in around mile 9.

As I picked-up the phone, the runner next to Dave and I said 'ah helllllo  .... you are a little busy right now?'  The call was from Joe.  It was during a half marathon that Dave and I ran a couple of days ago.

Me...cutting to the chase:  "What's your number?"

Joe: "What?" (Bo-jangles...why did he think I had him call me after his blood sugar check?)

Me:  "What is your NUMBER?"

Joe:  "Oh...199"

Me:  "Are you going to eat?"

Joe:  "No."

Me:  "K.  Eat two glucose tabs."  (the 199 would bottom out without sugar)

Me:  "Love you baby."

Joe was 132 when we arrived home about an hour later.

A day-in-the-life of running a half marathon and satellite pancreating.


Holly said...

Oh my gosh, you ARE THE multitasker!! Awesome just that you can do the marathon..more that you can actually TALK and think while you run! You can do it like you can tie your shoes...you rock.
Miss you! Hugs, HOlly

Lora said...

man, you are a rock star!!!

katy said...

wow! the running with the phoning. you're amazing.

and how did you know that 199 was about to be too low?

K's Mom/Tamara said...

Love the term! My 10 year-old daughter is heading to middle school in a few weeks and I'm getting ready to do satellite pancreasing myself!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Holy multitasking, R!

Unknown said...

Hi Katy!

I knew he would drop b/c his breakfast ratio is an insane 1:10 (to help avoid the post-breakfast spike)...to put the brakes on the drop that will eventually happen from that dose of insulin Joe's morning snack ratio is a 1:60 (yup...one to sixty). He has to EAT at that time of day...like two hours after breakfast or he will most likely end up low. Seems like the two glucose tabs did the trick. WOOT!

katy said...

ah, a post-modern NPH system!