Saturday, June 29, 2013


A couple of mornings ago...

I forgot that he was going to be getting them.  I remembered, yes...that the Orthodontist said that he may need a few braces on his top teeth to pull the disobedient tooth forward.  The Orthodontist stated that the said tooth would need to be shoved or pulled into position to prevent future possible "pulling" of the tooth and for "cosmetic" reasons to keep Joe's self-esteem intact.  I then proceeded to call Joe "Sharkie" (a nick-name I had given the tooth)...after that comment, the Orthodontist quickly realized that the said tooth would not be the cause of self-esteem destruction.

These new braces mean no more Starbursts for LOW treatments.  The sticky nature of the candy can pop-off a bracket in no time.  So, we are back to Glucose Tabs and juice.  This made me ponder our choice of Starbursts for treating the lows in the first place.  They are sticky ... probably not good for Joe's teeth, ya think?  Furthermore, the unwrapping of the candies must be frustratingly difficult for low, shaky hands and digits.  I will not be around to "mother bird" him forever.

A day-in-the-life of diabetes with braces.


Beth said...

My mom used to give me Nerds as a low treatment when I had braces. I don't know if that candy as a low fixer has been proven wrong though.

Sarah said...

Smarties! And now we are loving Quick Sticks, not their price - but they are incredibly fast at bringing up low lows.
TJ has a tooth like Joe's, we call it his snaggle - it's actually kind of endearing ;)
Hope Joe has no trouble with braces.
Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

katy said...

You are so smart with the toggling between two basals to simulate his previous basal to 0.025 accuracy! How do you come up with these brilliant ideas?

You're making me want to get B to switch over. We will be eligible in two more years.

Another thing I like about Omnipod is the patterned armbands kids wear over their biceps to protect them. Best look in the world.

Unknown said...

Katy - you can "cut the cord" for $199. It's a deal!