"DEXTER" (Dexcom 7+ CGM)

The Dexcom 7+ CGM has changed our lives in managing Joe's type 1 diabetes in so many positive ways.  Joe is an extremely active 7 year old boy.  Warding off lows has been our biggest challenge since Joe was diagnosed 4 years ago.  Having "Dexter" (my name for Joe's Dexcom 7+ CGM) in the house has allowed us to head off lows before they materialize.  Also, the Dexcom 7+ has allowed for more "freedom" in Joe's daily life of being a kid.  Read the below tales about "Dexter" in order to see his progression in our lives.

Continuous Glucometer BASIC INFORMATION:  For any of you are not familiar with diabetes, let me start by saying most people with diabetes monitor their blood sugars by testing their blood, via a finger prick and a glucometer, between 4 and 12 times a day. This still provides a very incomplete picture of what your blood sugar is doing, since there can be hours of gaps between readings. So, for a "more complete" picture Continuous Glucometers can be used. They are sensors that you stick into your body and wear all the time. They give you a near-continuous (every few minutes) picture of what your blood sugar is doing. Some models also give you trend arrows, so that if you’re climbing or falling quickly, an alarm will go off — it’s a great way to prevent a high or low before it happens.

We had decided to give the Dexcom a try after chasing Joe and his lows for years. He is an extremely active boy. He also had an episode this past winter where he had a severe low where he passed out after playing hockey in our backyard...see My Life Through a Snow Globe.

Please see below for colorful stories on our adventures with "Dexter"...

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